Best Leading Female Actress 2016



Voting officially opens on the 10th of August and closes 10th of September

Before voting please take a minute to watch your candidate’s short clip videos below,



38 Comments to Best Leading Female Actress 2016

  1. Tom Brian says:

    Ayodele Iyke Ibeh is the one to beat. 

  2. Eli Brown says:

    Ayodele Iyke Ibe is the number one.. All the way.. 🙂

  3. Patrick Victor Ogbitebu says:

    Ayodele Iyke Ibeh leads … others follow.

  4. i vote for  A yodele Iyke ibeh to win because she is the best.

  5. Sunny DonEgbo says:

    Jennifer Okei is the best

  6. Francess says:

    I vote for Ayodele Iyke-Ibeh

  7. Miriam says:

    Voting Ayodele iyke ibeh 

  8. Daniel Ekene A Ani says:

    I vote Ayodele iky ibe

  9. Ida says:

    I vote for Ayodele Iyke-Ibeh 

  10. anthony says:

    Ayodele iyke- ibeh is our choice she what it

  11. Margret Gomez says:

    I vote for Ayodele Iyke  – Ibeh 

  12. Roland Ibeh says:

    Ayo iyke is the person

  13. OlaKunle says:

    I won’t be surprised if this is a landslide for Ayodele Iyke-Ibeh. She’s the best by a very wide margin.

  14. Vanessa Iyke-Ibeh says:

    My mummy is in the lead
    Goooooooo mummy!!!!! 9

  15. Vanessa Iyke-Ibeh says:

    By God’s grace my mummy will win

  16. Prince Nwakanma says:

    Mrs A Ibe

  17. Lamai George says:

    Ayodele Iyke-Ibeh all the way. She is very good and the best among the contestants. My votes is for Ayodele Iyke-Ibeh.

  18. Michael onyebuchi says:

    I vote Ayodele Ike ibeh

  19. Ayodele iyke ibe all the way. My vote goes to her.

  20. JOHN M. SANYANG says:


  21. Olanloye Nwizu uche says:

    Ayodele Ibeh…. all the way.

  22. Nwizu kossy says:

    Ayodele iyke ibe carry go!!

  23. Ayo says:

    They’re all good but Ida Sambou of FATOU is the BEST in all ramifications.

  24. Princess Emerald says:

    Ayodele Iyk IBeh is number 1, I’m voting her a million times… She is d #winner#best#leading#actress. Gooooooooo sis. 

  25. Odufa Oshogwemoh says:

    My vote goes to Ayodele iyke ibe.she is the best of all. 

  26. paul adinuba says:

    Ayodele Iyke-Ibeh is d best my vote go to her 

  27. Celina says:

    My vote goes to Ayodele iyke ibe best of all

  28. Oshogwemoh Odufa says:

    Ayodele Iyke Ibe all the vote goes for you 

  29. Geraldine Adejo says:

    I vote Ayoyodele ibeh

  30. Moses Agatha says:

    my vote goes to Ayodele Iyke Ibe. she his the best.

  31. Blessing Ogedengbe says:

    My vote for Ayodele iyke-ibe you are the best 

  32. ikenna says:

    Ayodele Iyke Ibeh
    is the best and the greatest.

  33. Ogbitebu cynthia says:

    Ayodele Iyke Ibeh keep the ball rolling…

  34. The best actress is ayodele iyke ibeh goo goo you will win by god grace am on your side

  35. miss Lydia says:

    Mrs Ayodele iyke ibeh the best

  36. With such a wide choice, you can not go wrong!

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