Special Movie Awards Nominees 2018 SMA 3.0

1 Best Documentary Ø  My Africa

Ø  Pride of new Gambia

2 Best Short Film Ø  Desperate of Wealth

Ø  Democracy

Ø  Why me


3 Best Indigenous Film Ø  kubukalabang
4 Feature Film Ø  Sarata

Ø  Fatou 2

Ø  Jangi jollof


5 Best comedy Ø  Am fasting

Ø  False representation

Ø  Cheque is money

6 Best Leading Male Actor Ø  Pain of sorrow

Ø  Beyond greed

Ø  Fatou 2

Ø  Bakary S. Sonko

Ø  Momoud  Bahsoon

Ø  John Jaiteh

7 Best Leading Female Actress Ø  Beyond Greed

Ø  Jangi jollof

Ø  sarata

Ø  Rohey Camara

Ø  monica Davies

Ø  Vivi Amy Chris

8 Best Supporting Male Actor Ø  Don’t I have the right to education

Ø  My mistake


Ø  Beyond Greed

Ø  Lamin Ceesay


Ø  Daniel V. Okarie  


Ø  Abou Mbye

9 Best Supporting Female Actress Ø  Don’t I have right to education

Ø  In ya face

Ø  Fatou 2

Ø  Mariama Bajo


Ø  Sally Jobe

Ø  Ida Sambo


10 Best Director Ø  Sarata

Ø  In ya face

Ø  Desperate of wealth


Ø  Ibrahim Ceesay

Ø  Sheikh omar Sawaneh

Ø  Okoha L. Joseph

11 Best Hair/Makeup Artist Ø  Desperate of wealth

Ø  Sarata

Ø  Pain of sorrow

Ø  Omo Irabor

Ø  Faticia Gassama

Ø  Andy Trans

12 Best Sound Ø  Beyond Greed

Ø  Sarata

Ø  Democracy

Ø  Ayisatou AIyegbo

Ø  Silver P

Ø  Alpha Omar Jallow

13 Best Editor Ø  Sarata

Ø  Fatou 2

Ø  Jangi jollof

Ø  Lamin Manneh

Ø  Abel Madu

Ø  Koolife

14 Best Picture Ø  Beyond greed

Ø  Sarata

Ø  In ya face

Ø  Abel Madu

Ø  Alhagie Manka

Ø  Alieu B. Bittaye

15 Best Screenplay Ø  Sarata

Ø  Jangi jollof

Ø  The woman of my life

Ø  Aikay Osunbor

Ø  Momodou Sabally

Ø  Aisha J. Jobe

    Ø    Ø   
16 Best Costumier Ø  A day for the wicked

Ø  Why me

Ø  Who is my mother

Ø  Ayodele Lyke Ibeh

Ø  Marie Marena

Ø  Arts inspired muiltimedia



            To vote for your favorite Nominee in any of the Categories, please go to SMA Vote page on www.afrinitypro.com Voting officially opens 1st November and Closes 29th November 2018. Good Luck to all the Nominees!!!


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  1. Victor Winston Whenzle says:

    Best supporting Male actor:  Ø Beyond Greed.     Ø Abou Mbye

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