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Nine deaths confirmed in Guinea ‘third term’ protests

Nine deaths confirmed in Guinea ‘third term’ protests
Guinea’s government has confirmed that nine people have been killed during this week’s demonstrations against a possible change to the constitution.

Witnesses say police opened fire on the protesters as they blocked roads with burning tyres and ransacked military posts in the capital Conarky, according to news agency Reuters.

Opposition parties say at least 10 people have been killed, including a 14-year-old boy. They also say police raided victim’s families’ homes, Reuters says. The government has not responded to the allegations.

The demonstrators are protesting against the possibility of President Alpha Conde running for a third term. Mr Conde, 81, took office in 2010 and his final five-year term should end in 2020. He has, however, not ruled out a third term and has asked his government to look into drafting a new constitution which critics say aims at letting him run for a third term.


1.) Nigeria set up the National Committee Against Apartheid (NACAP) in 1960.

2.) The late Sunny Okosun composed a song called “Fire in Soweto” in 1977 to show support for the fight against apartheid

3.) From 1966, Nigeria gave material and financial support to the freedom fighters in South Africa

4.) Then Nigeria’s Prime Minister, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa sent letter to South Africa’s ANC militants on April 4, 1961 showing support for their cause.

5.) Nigeria provided $5 million to the ANC and the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) annually.

6.) In 1976, Nigeria set up the Southern Africa Relief Fund (SAFR) for the purpose of bringing relief materials to the victims of the apartheid.

7.) The military administration of General Obasanjo contributed $3.7 million to the fund and Obasanjo personally donated $3,000 to the fund.

8.) All Nigeria’s civil servants and public officers made a 2% donation from their monthly salary to the SAFR.

9.) Nigerian students skipped their lunch to make donations, and by June 1977, the total contribution to the fund had reached $10.5 million. The donations to the SAFR were widely known in Nigeria as the “Mandela tax”

10.) Between 1973 and 1978, Nigeria contributed $39,040 to the UN Educational and Training Programme for South Africa

11.) Nigeria boycotted the 1976 Olympics and Commonwealth games in 1979 as part of our protest against apartheid in South Africa

12.) From 1960 to 1995, Nigeria spent over $61 billion to support the end of apartheid, more than any other country in the world.

13.) Nigeria refused to sell oil to South Africa in protest against the white minority rule. Nigeria lost approximately $41 billion then. $41billion dollars. Remember this by was our oil boom moment. As long as we fought apartheid, the money meant nothing.

14.) Nigeria was labbelled a frontline State in the War Against Apartheid.


A boat fired off in the California coast and claimed at least 8 lives

At the southern coast of California, a commercial dive vessel call “conception” sinks and fire off. A total of 39 people were said to be on board. According to CNN news 5 people were recused and 8 bodies were found while 26 people are still accounted for.

“Fire department crew were fighting the fire when the vessel sank 20 yards off shore in 64 feet of water.” Said US. Coast guard Capt. Monica Rochester.

The Los Angeles Times later reported that 15 bodies have been found so far since the Conception caught fire, citing a US Coast Guard official.

the search and rescue group continues to search for the rest.

Formula 2 Driver Anthoine Hubert Dies in Crash During the Belgian Grand Prix

Anthoine Hubert a French professional racing driver has died after a crash at the Belgian Grand Prix. (FIA) has confirmed.

The Formula 2 driver passed away on Saturday, August 31 while competing in the Spa-Francorchamps circuit during the Belgian Grand Prix. Hubert died following a crash that involved three cars living the other drivers injured. He was only 22-years-old.

“The scene was immediately attended by emergency and medical crews, and all drivers were taken to the medical centre, “As a result of the incident, the FIA regrets to inform that the driver of car #19, Anthoine Hubert (FRA), succumbed to his injuries, and passed away at 18:45.”FIA said on their facebook page

National synergy on money laundering, terrorist financing risk assessment underway


Financial institutions and designated non-financial institutions are participating in a three-day national synergy on money laundering and terrorist financing risk assessment which kicked-off Wednesday at a local hotel in Kololi.

Organised by the Inter-Governmental Action Group against money laundering (GIABA), the synergy targets to strengthen the capacity of reporting entities to be able to undertake robust ML/TF assessment in line with the FATF standards.

Muazu Umar, director of policy and research at GIABA, said the specific objectives of the three day synergy includes developing a shared understanding of the concept, approach and methodology for conducting ML/TF risk assessment. “It will enhance the capacity of financial institutions in conducting comprehensive ML/TF risk assessment in order to build a robust AML/CFT risk assessment within their compliance framework,” he added.

Mr. Umar said the financial sector and DNFBPS play important roles in the economic development of any country, stating that they are the catalysts of socio-economic development and the international financial system thrives as a result of their financial intermediation.

“Money laundering and terrorist financing undermine the stability and integrity of the financial system and subjects DNFBPs to being used as gateways for the conversion of illicit proceeds. This could lead to reputational damage and exposure to legal risks and reduce business risk appetite thereby undermining economic growth,” he stated.

Dr. Saikou Jabbie, first deputy governor of Central Bank of The Gambia, defined money laundering as a process of making the proceeds of criminal activity appear to be legally obtained. “Introducing illegally obtained funds into the stream of legitimate commerce and finance allows criminals to profit from their illegal activity, taints the international financial system and erodes public trust in the integrity system,” he said.

Dr. Jabbie cited the IMF and World Bank, saying criminals launder an estimated three to nearly four trillion US Dollars each year. “Money laundering and terrorist financing are morally and ethically inappropriate, illegitimate and punishable by law.”

Director of Financial Intelligence Unit of The Gambia, Alagie Darboe said such capacity building programs are crucial for the establishment and fortification of systems aimed at combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (ML/TF), both in the country and within the sub-region.

He said money laundering and terrorism financing are crimes that have significant negative economic impacts and have the ability to misallocate resources and income distribution to distort asset and commodity prices and to breed social ills, crime and corruption. “The Government of The Gambia on its part has taken giant steps to put in place legal, institutional and other measures to fight Money Laundering and Terrorism in the country,” he said.

In the same vein, a similar event will be held for religious leaders commencing on Friday 16 August 2019.


Nigeria’s 58th Independence day Celebration – The Gambia

Nigeria’s 58th Independence day Celebration

Venue: COco Ocean
The Gambia


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Nigerian community the Gambia, Saturday 9 June 2018 embarked on a community cleaning exercise at the Serrekunda General Hospital in Kanifing. The group said the exercise is a way of giving back to the community in which they live. The acting president of the community Friday A. Ogbeiwi, traced the history of the Nigerian Community in The Gambia, saying it has been in existence since in the 50s. “When their Nigerian elders came to The Gambia and saw a vision that one day a situation like this will come.     So they stood up together to form this community”.

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The official Opening of TFGI 2018 12th Edition of Trade Fair Gambia International

The official Opening of TFGI 201812th Edition of Trade Fair Gambia International

Beyond Greed Movie

The movie “Beyond Greed” stares top Gambian actors like Rohey Camara, Mamoud Bahsoon, Abou Mbye (Abou & Fafa), Isatu M. Bokum, Matty Maria Renner (Queeny B) and two talented actors from the beautiful coast of Sierra Leone Desmond B. Finney and Kai B. Saquee. This beautiful family drama of love, betrayal, murder, greed, lies and deceit is directed by Sheku S. Kamara, executively produced by Wilfred U. Adams and Desmond B. Finney.

Movie Premiere (A day for the wicked) produced by Linda Ebhodaghe

Movie premiere at Hypolink on the 5th January, 2018m, A movie titled A day for the wicked part 1 and 2, produced by Linda Ebhodaghe


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