Children were given top priority in this years Independence commemoration. The new government fully understands that true independence comes from liberating the mind.

President Bio made it categorically clear that “the Ministry of Finance make no budgetary allocations to fund Independence Day celebrations until generated domestic revenue makes up 20% of our Gross Domestic Product. ” This is a move that proves that our President puts the development of our great Republic above all else.

The First Lady working with the JMBWW, Security Services, some government ministries and goodwill from Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad, decide to commemorate the governments new vision on Human capital development, and a move from Partisan politics to patriotism.

Only schools in Freetown were invited with strict quota on the number of school kids. Schools in other district celebrated in their districts. Each school represented in the stadium , came with banners that prioritised Human Capital development, and full support for the Free Quality Education. To portray patriotism, the longest flag in Africa was paraded by over 1000 persons at the stadium.

The Chief Minister Prof. David Francis, stated in very stern terms, that Sierra Leone must take it’s place as a role model in Africa. This is not the time for unnecessary fanfare, but time for serious business. The First Lady in her vote of thanks, reiterated , that the new government is about working together to build a great Republic, so we will be truly independent. First Lady said “We should love our Sierra Leone more that we love ourselves “.

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