Hold On To a Purpose That Inspires You!!

Afrinity Production draw attention to Kemo Fatty, born and raised in a tiny but famous village called Pacharr, attended his early education at a nearby village Another one again. .from a former teacher..

He attended his early education in nearby village (Fulabantang CRR) at St Therese’s Basic Cycle School and then proceeded to Nusrat Senior Secondary School where he graduated in 2015.

His life purpose is his core essence, his mantra, his code, his guiding principle and of course his personal reason for being. Uncovering his purpose and creating a game plan to achieve it, turn his life and the spirit of his work into a massive success.

Fatty who is a final year political science student at the university of The Gambia where he served as the 14th President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Students’ Association( SoSHSA) from 2018 to 2019 is a leading example of holding on to what inspires you.

He co-founded one of the most famous student support organisations call The Solutionist since 2018 with the ultimate aim of engaging students on community service initiatives, extracurricular activities and student politics.

Earlier this year, he participated in a four-day webinar session on Nuclear disarmament organized by the Kroc Institute of International Peace Studies University. He recently delivered a public lecture at the Notre Dame University Student Conferenc USA on Coalition-Building and its impact in African Context.

Currently, Fatty works at the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment ( MOTIE). He is also a fellow at Commonwealth Secretariat Six Country Study on Enterprise Risk Management, sponsored by the Governance and Peace Division of Commonwealth Secretariat with the objective to facilitating improved decision-making and governance in the implementation of National Development objectives and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Kemo Fatty is the current serving President and Regional Coordinator for Global Youth Parliament’s West Coast Region Chapter and was awarded as the most outstanding participant in the 2020 Global Youth Leadership Virtual Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is currently undertaking series of community services and projects to empower youth, women and vulnerable children.

As a concern Global citizen and a Leader, Fatty is inspired to study International Development and Global Peace at postgraduate studies so as to understand and inform policy related areas and issues surrounding Africa’s underdevelopment and its economic downtrodden.

Many lesser leaders fear this type of soul searching. However, finding your life purpose will make you a stronger, more inspiring and engaging leader. You will keep your team focused, inspired and moving ahead. Being an exceptional leader isn’t just about getting people to do things. It’s about engaging your team’s spirit and passion. Fatty is an inspirational leader and a role model to many emerging leaders in The Gambia and beyond and anyone who meld with kemo will tend to achieve inspiring results.

By Amie T. Camara

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