Idris Elba: We can all help solve climate change

By Amie T. Camara

Afrinity Production discloses the statement made by Idris Elba and his wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba, saying individuals can make a difference in tackling climate change.

The couple were speaking to Liz Bonnin for BBC Radio 5 Live’s new podcast ‘What Planet Are We On?’

Actor, producer and DJ, Idris said: “There is definitely something that we can all do. You are doing it now listening to this. There is hope.”

Sabrina, who is a model and actress, added: “There is a method, there are steps.

“It isn’t just throw your hands in the air and go ‘the world is on fire’.

“There are solutions and it’s figuring out what those solutions are and how we can each play a part because we do know that every person can make a difference.

“It is so easy to feel hopeless when you do hear all of that scaremongering but people can make a change. Each individual person.”


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