National Assembly Make Known Appointment of Ombudsman

In line with Section 164 (1) of the 1997 Constitution, the National Assembly Make Known the appointment of Mr. Bakary Sanyang as the new Ombudsman.

Putting forward the report of the Public Appointment Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Kebba K Barrow the Chairperson of the Committee said in accordance with Section 164 (1) of the 1997 Constitution, the president is decreed to appoint to the office of Ombudsman in discussion with the public service commission (PSC), subject to corroboration by the National Assembly; that the motion for authentication of the appointment of Mr. Sanyang was tabled by the Vice President on Monday 6th April 2020; that Mr. Sanyang’s appointment by the President is the second nominee for the position of Ombudsman after the Assembly earlier declined the first nominee in December 2019.

Chairperson Barrow said therefore the provision under Section 164 (1) of the 1997 Constitution, curtailed the National Assembly from declining the second nominee for the office of Ombudsman ‘‘subject to the full compliance to the provisions of the Constitution”; that the motion tabled by the Vice President, make it known that the nominee was serving as a public officer as Governor of West Coast Region and that Section 164 (4) provides that a person shall not be qualified to hold the office of Ombudsman or Deputy Ombudsman, if he is a Member of the National Assembly, a Minister or holds another public office.

Chairperson Barrow said on the ground provision, the motion to confirm Mr. Bakary Sanyang as Ombudsman was taken to the Public Appointments Standing Committee of the National Assembly, as per Section 114, for scrutiny and advice; that Standing Order 114 (2) mandates the Committee to see to it and advise or report on all appointments to public office, to be made by the Executive subject to the corroboration by the National Assembly and any other matter therewith.


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