Nigerians in Diaspora Award (NIDA) Appreciation

October 28, 2023 will be remembered in Malawi as the day friendship and good neighborliness between nations and its citizens was at its most glorious and best; by God’s grace.
First, I thank God Almighty for making the evening a resounding success; to Him be all the glory.
That magic happened because you showed up to grace the occasion of the second edition of the Nigerians in Diaspora Award (NIDA) Event.
Your presence gave color and character to the program.
In true love, you made input that made impact on all present.
For this, kindly accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the great contribution you made towards the success of that historic evening.

I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend the evening.
It shows how much you value the relationship between our nations.
To my fellow Nigerians, your demonstration of the beautiful vibes that make the TRUE and POSITIVE Nigerian spirit, is evidence of the real Patriot in you.
I appreciate you so much and I thank you immensely for your dedication to the Nigerian cause in Malawi.

To the media, I say you were simply fabulous in your coverage; and what’s more exciting, you were personally involved and fully engaged in the life of the event.
I thank you so much.

At the BACK-END, you discharged your role in a seamless manner; and the success of the evening cannot be told without giving you a special mention. You were simply wonderful.
I appreciate you.
May God continue keep you, bless you and your family
On behalf of the entire team we are grateful.
Wilfred U. Adams
Founder NIDA

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