Sierra Leone: President Bio in one year four months in government

Sierra Leone: President Bio in one year four months in government

Sierra Leone: President Bio in one year four months in government benefit to the Sierra leonean’s them,from April 4th, 2018/August 30th,2019.
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Here is what has been achieved by President Julius Maada Bio (photo) and his government in one year (April 2018 to April 2019):

Paid workers without using bank overdraft

Paid $1.2 billion domestic debt left by ex-president Koroma of the APC.

Gave Sierra Leoneans reliable and sustainable electricity.

Recruiting 300 females in the army ,first ever in history of this country.

Launched the free quality education that is now in force.

Supplied 26 million text books and other school materials to school pupils

Commissioned 48 hospitals across the country.

Introduced free 24 hours ambulance services across the country.

Solar electrification of almost all district headquarter towns, cities and some rural communities

Approved over 100 schools across the country along with a huge number of teachers who were not on payroll.

Gave risk and other allowances to serving health workers and about to give over 3,000 pin codes to nurses and other health workers.

Supplied 506 ambulances across the country during his thank you tour.

Commissioned two universities, one in Bonthe district and another in Kono district with the Eastern Polytechnic including the Bunumbu Teachers’ College in the pipeline for transformation to university status.

Increased public workers’ salaries by15%.

Gave Le18.3 billion to Freetown city council, even though an APC led council, to transform Freetown into a 21st century city.

Renovated and changed the Sierra Leone Parliament into a modern 21st century Parliament.

Paid for all university application forms for students who entered university this year.

Paid fees subsidies for all students across the country to schools

Gave scholarships to all students studying, mathematics, geography, agri

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