14 Afgan army member’s killed

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Afghan forces killed as gov’t hankers Taliban to lengthen armistice

No less than14 members of the Afghan army have been killed in a Taliban strike as the Afghan government said the Eid armistice was not over yet.

The Ministry of Defence discloses on Friday part of the Afghan army were killed in the area of Paktiya. Three others were also wounded in the bombardment that was also reported by the Taliban.

Earlier before the incident, the Taliban have killed at least 14 people from the security forces in northern Parwan and western Farah provinces.

Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser (NSA) spokesperson Javid Faisal nonetheless wrote in a tweet on Friday that the “detente” which began at the time of Eid holiday, marking the end of Ramadan, was not stopping.

“The ceasefire is not over yet; there have been violations because it is a complicated technical process that requires good coordination between both sides,” Faisal said.

Earlier, Faisal had urged the Taliban to pushed the three-day armistice, which came into start on Sunday to mark the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr.

“It is important to extend the ceasefire and, to avoid bloodshed, the Afghan government is ready to extend it,” the NSA spokesman told a news conference on Tuesday.


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