Trump and his objective to win a second term lay open in Michigan visit

President Donald Trump’s tarnishing of fact, divide-and-rule strategy and endless gain for new political enemies may be catastrophic in a pandemic.

But such behavior, combined with the promise of an American comeback, still adds up to a formidable electoral arsenal.

‘The President gave every impression Thursday of battling for his political life during a visit to Michigan, a state that crystallizes the themes of his bid for a second term and that could be decisive in his clash with Democrat Joe Biden. It was his most explicit display yet of his plans to beat treacherous pandemic politics and criticism of his leadership in pursuit of an even more logic-busting victory than in 2016.’

Trump mainly used the trip to present himself as the champion of an economic rebuilder and of millions of Americans who lost jobs, portraying Democrats as adding to the desperation of shut-out workers.

“A permanent lockdown is not a strategy for a healthy state or a healthy country. To protect the health of our people we must have a functioning economy,” Trump said, implicitly discounting arguments of critics who say it’s not yet safe to reopen.

“Americans who want and need to return to work should not be vilified — they should be supported,” Trump said, lashing out at journalists and politicians who can work from home.

Trump also touches his central campaign goals, bragging about his new trade deals, spreading his effort to use China as a scapegoat for not stopping a pandemic he himself had ignored and commemorating the border wall that is crucial to his bond with his claim supporters.

And he took a new approach at Biden’s mental capacity, identifying the former vice president “a Democrat that doesn’t even know where he is.” And even before he left the White House, Trump remit yet another lemon to his evangelical supporters, then followed up in Michigan.


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