US demands restoration of UN sanctions against Iran

By Amie T. Camara

As confidently known by Afrinity Production, we can clearly disclose to you the United States moved on Thursday to restore U.N. sanctions on Iran, this includes an arms embargo, arguing Tehran was in violation of a nuclear deal it struck with world powers in 2015 even though it is unveil to Afrinity Production that Washington itself abandoned that agreement two years ago.

To clear this to you, you have to know that all the remaining parties to the nuclear deal – Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China -are immediately notified by the Security Council, in letters seen by Reuters, that they did not recognise the U.S. move.

The United States acted after the Security Council resoundingly rejected its bid last week to extend an arms embargo on Iran beyond its expiration in October.

“It is an enormous mistake not to extend this arms embargo. It’s nuts!” Pompeo told reporters at the United Nations as he harshly criticized what he described as the “one-sided, foolish” nuclear deal negotiated by former U.S. President Barack Obama.

President Donald Trump has called it the “worst deal ever.” The pact aimed to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons in return for sanctions relief and is enshrined in a 2015 Security Council resolution. Washington argues that it can trigger the snapback process because the resolution still names it as a participant to the nuclear deal.

Germany, France and Britain on Thursday described the U.S. attempt to trigger a sanctions snapback as “incompatible” with their efforts to support the already fragile nuclear deal, while Russia and China said it was “illegitimate.”


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