Secondary sensitization in the Five secondary schools In Nimiyama.

Nimiyama is a cosmopolitan Chiefdom that is plagued with diverse beliefs and conflicting emotions among its residents. These divisions have resulted in violent incidents during past elections, leaving a negative impact on the land. With the upcoming general elections just days away, “Mentors of Nimiyama,” whose primary mission is to mentor youth and help them unleash their hidden potential. With a vision to create a positive impact in the lives of many young individuals, these mentors act as architects, carefully blueprinting a path toward addressing the issues that plague Nimiyama. With a strong emphasis on talent development and the actualization of education, Mentors of Nimiyama are building bridges for development and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Have recognized the urgent need to promote peace throughout the Chiefdom. They are coming on a peace campaign across the Chiefdom.
In insomuch of giving more light to the event, they choose Sahr Nyanda as their peace ambassador. Sahr Nyande, son of the soil, also known as Pele 10, is a man of great influence and respect in Nimiyama Chiefdom. Rising to greatness in his late twenties, he has become a beacon of hope and elegance in his community. Sahr’s philanthropic efforts have gone beyond the boundaries of Nimiyama, as he has helped both individuals and the community as a whole. His work in areas such as social activities, education, health, and more, has made him a beloved figure in the Chiefdom. As Sahr himself says, “We rise by lifting others,” and he has certainly lived up to this mantra through his actions.
Sahr’s impact on the community has not gone unnoticed, as he was awarded the title of “Best Influential Youth” in Nimiyama by the Mentor of Nimiyama, in 2022. This award serves as proof of the good deeds he has accomplished, and the positive effect he has had on those around him. Even the elders of the land have recognized his leadership potential, and have called on him to uphold the status of the community and give their advice to such a promising young man.
Sahr’s dedication to helping others is something to be admired, and his mother, Fanta Nyande, was also a pioneer for gender equality and women’s empowerment. She was known as “50,50” or “We the Woman” and was a vibrant and virtuous woman with a passion for community development. Sahr has inherited her spirit of compassion and dedication, and he continues to make a difference in the lives of those around him. With such a significant figure, the event will be colorful and they will build a blueprint as needed.
Moreover, they have implemented various programs as part of a peace campaign spanning four days. The first day of the campaign which started yesterday focused on secondary sensitization, where awareness was raised among secondary school students about the importance of peace and harmony in the community.
They targeted Ansarul Islamic Junior secondary school in Massabendu and the Alhakhan Islamic secondary school. It was extended today to Sewafe secondary school, and Bafinfeh Secondary School. The mentors of Nimiyama have prioritized this initiative as a means to bridge the gaps and heal the divisions among the residents. They talked on different topics on the first and second days of the school sensitization. By various speakers.
The Peace Ambassador speech was focused on the theme of the campaign, the Non-Violence Campaign. He asserted, “ Violence, in any form, serves no purpose other than to deepen divisions, sow seeds of hatred, and hinder progress. We must embrace alternative methods of conflict resolution and engage in peaceful dialogue to address our differences. By advocating for non-violence, we aim to build bridges between individuals, communities, and nations, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.
Responsibilities of Citizen: we have certain rights and responsibilities that we must uphold. These rights not only protect us but also serve as the foundation of a just and equitable society. We must support and defend the Constitution, the embodiment of our shared values and principles. By doing so, we ensure that the rights and freedoms of all citizens are safeguarded.
Staying informed about the issues affecting our communities is another important responsibility. Knowledge empowers us to make informed decisions, contribute meaningfully to public discourse, and work toward positive change.
Participating in the democratic process is both a right and a responsibility. By exercising our right to vote, we have the opportunity to shape the future of our nations and elect representatives who reflect our values and aspirations Respecting and obeying federal, state, and local laws is not only a responsibility but also a cornerstone of a functioning society.
Laws provide the framework within which we can coexist peacefully, and we must uphold them. By engaging in community initiatives, volunteering our time and skills, and promoting unity and cooperation, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Together, we can create stronger, more resilient communities that thrive on the principles of peace and harmony.” #@ Peace Ambassador.
Prezzo Matt brought attention to the devastating consequences of election violence, illustrating his point with an example from the 2017 bye-election in Sawafeh, where the Chiefdom headquarters was engulfed in violence. The town remained a ghost town for weeks, displacing its residents and disrupting their lives.
By prezzo Matt
Prezzo Matt emphasized, “Violence breeds more violence, creating an ongoing cycle of discord and suffering. Our objective should be to break this cycle and establish a peaceful society where every voice is acknowledged and respected.” It is essential to shed light on such incidents and help students comprehend the adverse effects of election-related problems.
One incident occurred in Massabendu town during the 2018 elections where the two big political parties support ( APC and SLPP) were involved in serious infighting that led to serious injuries, it also forced many people to flee and seek refuge in other areas, exacerbating the problem of a declining population in the town. This situation not only disrupts the lives of individuals but also has wider implications for the community’s well-being and development. By discussing these incidents, he generated awareness among pupils and teachings about the detrimental effects of election-related violence. He asserted, “It is significant to emphasize the importance of peaceful dialogue, respect for differing opinions, and the power of democratic processes. Only by understanding and addressing the negative outcomes of electoral conflicts can we work towards building a harmonious society where everyone can thrive.”
CHILD RIGHTS AND Responsibilities
By Abu Bakarr Amara aka A-plus is the speaker.
A-Plus highlighted the importance of educating the youth about their rights and responsibilities. He emphasized, “Children have the right to grow up in a peaceful and inclusive society. However, they also bear the responsibility of actively promoting peace and respecting the rights of others. Let us nurture a generation that values harmony and unity.”
Mohamed Juma Bah as the orator.
Mohamed Juma Bah focused on the conduct of students during politically charged times. He stated, “As students, you are the future leaders of Nimiyama. Your behavior and actions can shape the destiny of this nation. Exercise your right to express opinions peacefully and responsibly. Violence should never be a means of resolving conflicts.”
Ibrahim M Sesay AKAPapah is the speaker.
Papah delved into the root causes of election violence. He remarked, “Political tensions, ethnic divisions, and a lack of dialogue contribute to election violence. Moreover, there have been instances where some politicians exploit vulnerable youth during the election period by providing them with harmful drugs as a means to manipulate them into engaging in violent activities.
They may also attempt to confuse the mindset of the youth by offering monetary incentives. It is crucial to address these issues by fostering a culture of understanding, tolerance, and respect. Pupils should be educated about the dangers of drug abuse and encouraged to avoid politicians who engage in such manipulative tactics. Together, we can build a united Nimiyama.”
By Sakoh Fofanah.
Saccoh offered practical solutions to curb election violence. He urged, “We must prioritize open dialogue, peaceful negotiations, and constructive engagement. Through increased awareness, voter education, and fostering a sense of Nimiyama or national identity, we can lay the foundation for peaceful elections.”
By Sahr Patrick
Sahr Patrick concluded the session by emphasizing the significance of peace. He remarked, “Peace is not the absence of conflict; it is the presence of understanding and the willingness to work together. Let us embrace diversity, reject violence, and strive for a united Nimiyama. Together, we can create a brighter future.”


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