PHOTOS: Baby Cow With Two Heads, Four Eyes Amazes Villagers In India

Villagers in India have been left amazed after the incredible birth of a baby cow with two faces.

This strange happening in Jalalpur village, Uttar Pradesh, towards the end of last month, has been described as a divine miracle, Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

The two-faced calf which has four eyes, two noses, one tongue and one body, but has a joined mouth and two ears has been considered a ‘divine miracle’ by its owner and families.

Hindu and Jain religions consider castles sacred in the nation and slaughtering of cows is highly prohibited which gives the animal freedom to roam the streets.

The two-face or polycephaly animal is reportedly living healthy and enjoying life despite its deformity which was expected to have died within a couple of days or few months like other animals with such condition.

According to vets, this type of case can occur due to the abnormal development of cells during the development of the embryo which has a different brain and share control of the organs and limbs.

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