Burna Boy is biggest ‘fraud’, most uninspiring artiste, says Lerin Nicodemus

Media personality, Lerin Nicodemus, has labelled Grammy-winning singer, Burna Boy as the biggest fraud and the most uninspiring artiste following his controversial statement about Afrobeats.

The TV presenter strongly criticized Burna Boy in response to his statement about Africa’s most renowned music genre, which has achieved worldwide recognition but is considered by him to be lacking substance.’

Nicodemus accused Burna of both tarnishing and trying to undermine the very foundation that propelled him to international fame.

She argued the ‘Love Damini’ singer has over time tried to infuse the style of the legendary Fela Anikulakpo Kuti who is well-known for pan-Africanism, into his craft.

However, she argued that, unlike Fela, Burna tends to avoid addressing the challenges affecting his fellow countrymen and the continent, opting instead to criticize his own people whenever he chooses to voice his opinions.

She said: “I said Burna Boy is the biggest fraud and most uninspiring artiste in Nigeria and this is why. She follows up with an excerpt of Burna Boy’s controversial interview where he noted: “Afobeats as most people call it is mostly about nothing, literally nothing. There’s no substance to it. Like nobody is talking about anything. It’s just a great time.”

“Burna Boy’s brand is built on this pan-African activism ideology which he basically copied from Fela. But whenever there’s social or political turmoil in Nigeria or Africa, he either stays very quiet or mocks Nigerians when he eventually speaks up.
“His statements about social issues lack any real progressiveness or empathy. All he does is belittle people at every opportunity and now, he’s doing it to Afrobeats.

“Like how do you shit on a movement that has taken years to build by our pioneers? Tons of people worked really hard to make sure that Afrobeats got the global recognition and respect it has now which he has greatly benefitted from by the way. And now it’s his turn to push it even further. And here he is tearing it down. If that’s not witchcraft, I don’t know what is.

Comparing Burna to his colleagues, she added: “Other artists like Wizkid and David try to shine a light on upcoming artistes at every given opportunity whether it’s putting them on an album or inviting them on global stages.

“But that can never be Burna Boy. He would rather just shit on people because that’s what he’s good at and it’s so uninspiring.”

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