Chess Enthusiast Tunde Onakoya Nearing 58 – Hour Mark in Guinness World Record Bid

Tunde Onakoya, the brain behind the Chess in Slum Initiative Africa, is on the brink of achieving a remarkable feat: breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous chess game. Since kicking off his ambitious endeavor on Wednesday, April 17, Tunde has been unstoppable, facing off against a myriad of opponents and even triumphing over New York’s National Chess Master, Shawn Martinez.

Located amidst the bustling energy of Times Square, New York City, Tunde’s marathon has reached an impressive 38.02 hours, accompanied by an equally impressive fundraising tally of approximately $40,625 (roughly equivalent to 46,762,625 Nigerian Naira).


In his latest update shared on the X platform, Tunde proudly announced his milestone of completing 100 games, with 87 matches against his formidable adversary, Coach Shawn Martinez, and 13 encounters with other challengers. With 31 hours under his belt and 27 more to go, Tunde expressed optimism about his chances of success, urging supporters to continue streaming and donating to the cause.

As Tunde perseveres through the grueling marathon, his supporters both near and far rally behind him, eagerly anticipating the moment when he secures the coveted Guinness World Record title.


It’s important to highlight that Tunde’s ultimate goal is to reach the 58-hour mark, with Guinness officials closely monitoring the match before officially bestowing him with the prestigious record.


The chess community, along with enthusiasts worldwide, eagerly await the outcome of Tunde Onakoya’s remarkable journey as he inches closer to making history.

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