Family of Vigilante in Port Harcourt Raises Concerns Over Son’s Death


The family of Uche Orukwo, a 32-year-old vigilante who was allegedly shot dead by gunmen in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has disputed the police’s assertion that his death was linked to suspected cultists.


Uche’s father, Pastor Moses Orukwo, believes that his son was actually killed by his own colleagues who were part of an operation together on the day of the tragic incident.


While the state police command indicated that Uche was killed by suspected cultists targeting a rival group, Pastor Orukwo suspects foul play and questions the circumstances surrounding his son’s demise.


He alleges that animosity and jealousy towards his son escalated after he was promoted to the second-in-command position within the Diobu Vigilante unit where he served.


Calling for a thorough investigation, Pastor Orukwo urges the Commissioner of Police, Olatunji Disu, to look into the matter by inviting the vigilante commander and the team members who were present during the operation with his son.


Emphasizing discrepancies in the narrative, Pastor Orukwo points out that essential items like Uche’s rifle, mobile phone, and the money in his possession were not taken by the alleged culprits, raising doubts about the reported scenario.


He stresses the need for all individuals involved in the operation to provide accurate information to shed light on the truth behind Uche’s tragic death.


The family seeks justice and transparency in the investigation to unravel the mystery surrounding Uche Orukwo’s untimely passing.


When asked about the person responsible for the operation that day, the grieving father responded, “It was his commander. You know, as a boss, when he assigns a task, it’s hard to refuse. It’s part of the job; you have to follow your leader’s orders, even if you’re not aware of their intentions. It feels like a conspiracy.”


He continued, “Even the alleged cult members they claimed killed him were nowhere to be seen. There was no sign of them because they were heading towards the end of the street, towards the waterside, before this incident occurred.”

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