GRA Commissioner General Urges Gambians to Embrace Digital Reforms for Economic Growth

Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) Commissioner General Yankuba Darboe urges Gambian taxpayers to embrace digital reforms for economic gains, citing Rwanda’s successful initiatives as inspiration.

Speaking at a press conference in Banjul, Darboe highlighted the importance of adopting digitalization for The Gambia’s benefit. Despite initial challenges, he stressed the need to embrace change for the country’s progress.

Darboe outlined GRA’s successful implementation of digital systems, including the Single Window System and advanced scanning machines, contributing to significant revenue generation. He emphasized the effectiveness of technologies like e-tracking for vehicles and containers, enhancing revenue collection.

With optimistic projections, Darboe expressed confidence in GRA’s ability to meet its annual revenue target of D19.2 billion by December 2024. He affirmed GRA’s commitment to continuous innovation and staff empowerment to achieve this goal.

Under Darboe’s leadership, GRA remains dedicated to adopting innovative technologies from across the continent to drive growth in The Gambia’s revenue collection efforts.


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