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Girl, 5, Was Brutally Sexually Abused And Strangled – Says Pathologist

By Hassan G. Koroma

FREETOWN (TV-News24) – The chief government forensic pathologist Monday, testified in court, that a 5-year-old girl allegedly raped and killed by a man, suffered a vicious sexual assault, and was also strangled.

Dr. Simeon Owizz Koroma says he found fingernail markings scratched on the dead girl’s neck.

He says the girl’s tongue was bitten, and her neck swollen – and was also not a virgin at time of death.

“According to my professional observation, the 5-year-old deceased, Khadija Madinatu Saccoh, died as a result of a physical, brutal sexual abuse and manual strangulation,” Dr. Koroma said.

Mariama Sajor Barrie and Ibrahim Bah are on trial for the girl’s death – which the pathologist had ruled a homicide.

Dr. Koroma says he conducted the postmortem on the 5-year-old on June 20, 2020, to determine the cause, mode and manner of her death.

And he later interpreted his findings in written form, and issued a certificate of cause of death to family members.

He says relatives of both the accused and deceased, as well as investigating officers, were present at the postmortem… after the dead body was identified by Isatu Jabbie Kabba.

Dr. Koroma says the evidence of a bitten tongue – and scratches on the neck – points to neurogenic shock caused by manual strangulation.

Aside, he says, there were no indications that the deceased child was sick nor was she on any medication at the time of her death.

Defense Lawyer Alhaji Kamara, in cross examination of the pathologist, asked if he was paid by the deceased girl’s family to conduct the postmortem.

But Dr. Koroma denied that he took money from the deceased’s relatives for the postmortem process.

The matter continues on Monday.


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