Known in the Sierra Leonean entertainment circuit as General Dansco, Idrissa Jalloh is a passionate and consummate cinematographer with over 15 years experience in the creative industry coupled with extensive knowledge of movie production, Jalloh is a production powerhouse.

Also, an electrical Engineer of over 20 years, he has directed over 25 movies, managed and produced his own movies.

Some of his works include:

Village queen ( valentine’s production), Bitter experience ( sierra pictures), Yakouba( The witch girl) JJ Blessed, Blood addict JJ Blessed, Nmantri liberty film production, Dark Rain Star light movie production, wicked princess, Monjama ( the blind princess), My trials- (Unite film production), Kainkayama – (Grade A film production), Home Apart – (Generation Motion pictures), My bitter experience – (God’s love movie production), Hannah – (Sierra pictures), Cave of doom (Golden touch movie production), Clash of love – Golden touch movie production), Crown of thorns- (unite film production) to mention but a few.

CEO, General Dansco Visual Studio (GDVS) located at C/O 28 Bailey street Brookfields Freetown Sierra Leone, Jalloh says he is a post production turnkey merchant; with the skills to supervise post production processes including editing and color corrections.

Recognized by the Sierra Leone film council and Sierra Leone Film Guild, he is the national coordinator Cinematographer and Technical Guild of Sierra Leone.


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