Movie Personality Profile: Mohamed James Sessy Kamara

Accomplished Filmmaker, Writer, and Director of Photography (D.O.P), Mohamed James Sessy Kamara is a Sierra Leonean who is known for his multi-talented contributions to the film industry and his advocacy for human rights, particularly for disadvantaged communities. 


He has written and directed two documentary films; notable among his great works is 

the Emmy Awards nominee film; on the Ebola crises, titled “Survivors,” where he served as the D.O.P. The Project illustrated his versatility and expertise in cinematography.


Kamara’s recent documentary film “Sisterhood” garnered significant attention from international film festivals, including screenings at Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF 2022) and ECRAINS NOIRS in Cameroon in October 2022. 


With its European international premiere at IDFA 2022, four screenings and exhibition at the New York African Film Festival, where it won an award in Maryland, Kamara personally made it a point of duty to attend these festivals, as a demonstration of his commitment to his craft and the causes he advocates for.


His contributions to the movie industry in Sierra Leone extend beyond the art of filmmaking to administration.


Currently, a co-founder and the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Film Council, the country’s first media-makers’ union, Kamara manages Brighter Days Media Pictures; serving as Creative director and CEO for the Sierra Leone Next Movie Star reality TV Show. 


Additionally, he worked as a Project Officer and D.O.P for WeOwnTV Freetown Media Centre for over seven years, highlighting his dedication to supporting the development of media and film in Sierra Leone.


In the area of television Series production, Kamara has directed notable television series, including a thirteen-episode series for Africa Young Voices (AYV) Television Films and another thirteen-episode series titled “After The Rains,” which is presently airing on AYV DSTV.


Some of the projects that showcase his ability to work effectively within a team and across different platforms, include collaboration with other filmmakers and institutions, such as Caleb Heymann from Portland State University Foundation.


Kamara’s contributions to the film industry and his advocacy work demonstrate his passion for storytelling, social justice, and empowerment of marginalized communities. His dedication to his craft and commitment to creating impactful media content make him a significant figure in the African filmmaking landscape.


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