WHIPSO Gambia supports needy families celebrate Eid ul-Adha

Jul 7, 2023, 12:41 PM | Article By: Makutu Manneh & Fatima  Singhateh

World Helping Initiative Project Support Organization (WHIPSO) Gambia, a non governmental  organisation spearheaded  by youth with a solid aim to support the needy, vulnerable groups and also complement government efforts in the celebration of the Islamic feast of  Eid ul-Adha 2023 slaughtered and distributed 230 goats and 20 cows to needy families across the country.

WHIPSO Gambia since its inception in The Gambia in 2021 has invested and given support to education, health, agriculture and water supply.

This year’s Tobaski campaign saw WHIPSO Gambia give Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Ndemban Clinic and Tanka Tanka Pshycratic Hospital each a cow. It also gave three cows to a school under WHIPSO Gambia while the rest was distributed to other parts of the country for those in need to put a meal on their tables for the auspicious day.

Muhammed Nyan, chief executive officer of WHIPSO Gambia said the Turban project (Tobaski distribution) will be an annual gesture, noting that the aim of the organization is to support sustainable projects in The Gambia and to give benefits to the world not just by helping needy Muslims but all poor people in the world regardless of gender, religion or tribe.

Nyan said they are yearning for more sustainable projects to positively impact the lives of the vulnerable and needy families since most of them find it difficult to afford food daily.

The organisation earlier this year supported hundreds of familes across the country with food packages during the Holy month of Ramadan.

In partnership with its parent body WHIPSO Germany, it also boosted the country’s main referral hospital, Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), by providing 9 tanks and compressors worth half a million dalasis for its NAWEC water system.

WHIPSO Gambia in partnership with its parent body based in Germany also extended another magnanimity to Muslims in The Gambia with the presentation of rice as Zakat ul Fitr on Eid Al-Adha day. The gesture excluding administration cost was valued at D1.1 million.

It also distributed Fidyah and Kaffarah of over five thousand food packs to needy Muslims as Iftar. It bought and slaughtered 15 cows and  cartons of chicken, all of which were distributed as meals to Masjids and needy Muslims as Iftar on daily basis for the Fidyah and Kaffarah. The budget for the Fidyah and Kaffarah was D1.4 million.

It also slaughtered 25 goats as Aqiqas and distributed them to 175 beneficiaries within Kombo.

It also slaughtered and cooked 8 sheep which it distributed as Iftar meals to people who were fasting.

Mr. Nyan thanked their donor partners for making the generosity possible.

Awa Njie, a beneficiary and member to the Association of Disability Community in The Gambia  said WHIPSO Gambia has always made them smile during their times of of need. She therefore thanked them for the gesture which she said came at a critical time.

She called on government to closely work with WHIPSO Gambia for the development of the country.

Credit to: Thepointnews paper gambia

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