Afrinity Production in partnership with AYV Media Empire met with First lady Fatima Bio

Afrinity Production in partnership with AYV Media Empire met with the First Lady H. E Madam Fatima Bio. The team lead by the CEO of Afrinity Production Wilfred Adams used the opportunity to brief Her Excellency on the ongoing preparations for the Special Movie Awards #SMA2021  scheduled for 30th December 2021 at AYV multi purpose entertainment complex. In his presentation, the national coordinator and one of the the SMA Directors Brima Abdulai Sheriff thanked Her Excellency for granting the team audience. Mr Sheriff informed Her Excellency that prior to having the SMA Awards, Afrinity had thought it fit to recognise th e work of her Excellency in the movie and had decided to present Her Excellency with an award. Mr Sheriff challenged the First Lady that the awards that the awards always mean more work since it is a recognition of the Good that is been celebrated this means the one receiving the award has to continue working hard to keep up standards. He spoke about the objective of selling tourism through films and and the plan of Afrinity in partnership with AYV media Empire to profile Sierra Leone in the coming weeks by showcasing the touristic potential of the country. He also spoke about the role Afrinity can play in supporting the Government in the delivery of the medium term. Mr Sheriff also spoke about how the the entire event was self funded. Kabbah Daramy, the president of the Sierra Leone film Guild reiterated the role of the guild providing professional and transparent in the process of nomination and vetting of potential winners. He expressed delight to be sharing the same platform with the First Lady and look forward to working more with her. The representative of AYV Mr Ivan Gbondo expressed delight on behalf of the CEO of AYV and expressed confidence in the work of Afrinity Production. He explained how AYV has been in the fore front in Supporting the Entertainment industry and how they will make their media platforms available as long as it has to do with promoting Sierra Leone. He cited the lunch of the AYV channel 399 DSTV which he added would provide a platform for showcasing Sierra Leonean content to a wider international audience. Presenting the awards, Agnes Tarawally one of the jurors representing the producers Guild expressed delight to be handing over a well deserved award and recognition to Her Excellency. In her response the First Lady HE said she’s overwhelmed and aware that with a recognition comes the task and challenges of doing more. She spoke about her love for the movie industry and how she was ready to support if there’s a achievable plan. She challenged the film industry to go professional and tell the untold Sierra Leonean stories. She pledged her full support for the SMA event and wished the organisers well.

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