Chaos in Gambia Action Party

A moving political drama on tuesday ended in chaos in the leadership of the Gambia Action Party, GAP.

The party make known it has expelled flag-bearer Gen Lamin Bojang, who had addressed a press conference to say he was charting his own way and alleging a conspiracy among his colleagues in the party.

The party leader, whose alleged nude video was circulating on social media, said he was a victim of scammers and conspirators who targeted him to destroy his reputation and by extension his growing political career.

He further added that ever since the ugly occurrence, a robust investigation was mounted by Interpol to trace the scammers who wanted to blackmail him into paying $5000. He said the trace led to people in Benin, UK and Senegal adding that they used a Facebook account of a Gambian.

“But what shocks me is that this video was first circulated by senior members of the Gambia Action Party who did not stand by me or show any solidarity,” Bojang said, adding that he would chart his own way and would let his supporters know what next. “I am today more resolved to push on and I am stronger today than ever before. I thank my wife, family and friends for standing by me and the media for not exploiting the situation with gory headlines. I am innocent and I will go to the bottom of this to prove my innocence,” he said.

Nonetheless, when contacted for comments over his supposed expulsion, Gen Bojang said he had not been served with any expulsion letter nor was he heard by the party. “This is just a cover-up by the party. The message of expulsion cannot come without the party hearing from me. The party’s modus operandi doesn’t conform with the normal administration procedure. There is a meeting that is supposed to take place tomorrow with them and if that meeting is not held, they are not supposed to take any decision,” Gen Bojang said.

Source___Standard Newspaper

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