Meet Binta Hydara, a 20 year old young entrepreneur and a Student at the University of the Gambia who owns an incredible fashion shop called the “ Bees Fashion Collection” located in Banjul.

Binta lives in Fajara and comes from a family of six and she is the first child of her parents. The support of her parents made this strong woman boost her fashion career to the next level.

Her inspirational career started far back in 2017 when she travelled with her family to England for the summer. Being a fashion oriented young girl, she decided to take a chance. “I said to myself there are a lot of things I can do here, I could buy so many things here and take it to the Gambia and sell them. But I realise I also need Facebook and Instagram to take my creative start to another level, and that is by posting the merchendise that I have,” she said.

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Her first post on social media on all the outfits she ordered to bring along were all taken well before she reached Gambia; this was a drastic motivating push for her. She then decided to continue sending money and receives her merchendise within two weeks or less.

To organise and manage your own fashion shop, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk, women entrepreneurs needs to undertake various challenges. Despite this, Binta take an urge to balance work and school life, for a stable work and an intention to take advantage of a newly discovered market niche, were her main motivation.

“When we look at women who don’t go to school and striving hard to make their way through entrepreneurship, those are exceptional women. And we should do all that we can to learn from those people,” Binta said

She also delivers clothing materials ordered from her fashion shop to people’s door steps and also working on more expansion in the future.

Binta believes there is still more battles to fight looking at the society we live in today, but acknowledging that gender should not be an issue for modern business women.

“Taking a lead by example in business, I am sure by seeing many role models in the Gambia, more prospective women will be inspired to pursue their dream of becoming an entrepreneur.” Said Binta, proving women can shoot for the stars.

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Her business is going from strength to strength, with plans to expanding nationwide. A business woman with true passion for change, she is enthusiastic about the future: “I want to motivate as many young women as possible, so I won’t stop.”

Pursuing our dreams can sometimes be a choice we don’t feel like deciding we have or we might feel like others need to decide it for us.

Perhaps it i’s because of our mindset or maybe age can contribute a bits , and society somehow tell us that, there are no alternatives we can use to relate to our situation which spur our everyday imagination.

All this is left with you and that one step to make it right.

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