Protests in Guinea on President Alpha Conde's bid to extend term

Protests in Guinea on President Alpha Conde’s bid to extend term

Hundreds of thousands of protesters in Guinea are expected to take to the streets again over President Alpha Conde‘s proposal to hold a referendum to change the constitution.

They are angry because Conde wants to change the constitution to allow him to govern beyond his final, second term.

Demonstrations in Guinea against President Alpha Conde’s bid to extend his stay in office have become a daily routine. The 81-year-old President is bent on extending his stay in office, by changing the national constitution. The current constitution provides for a two-term limit for the President. President Conde is serving his second and final term which ends this year.
Several Guineans protesting against President Conde’s plan to change the constitution to suit his third term ambition, have either been shot dead or have been arrested and detained. This is not good for Guinea. Guineans deserve better!

President Conde should put the interest of Guineans ahead of his personal ambition by dropping the idea of changing the constitution to make way for him to continue in office after his second and final term comes to an end. What else does President Conde really want? What point does he intend to prove? He has really done well for Guinea but he should give way to another person to take up from where he would leave off.

President Conde should not destroy his legacy, by trying to undermine the peace and security of not only Guinea but also neighbouring countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone. Liberia and Sierra Leone have suffered greatly and they deserve to be left in peace. Whatever happens in Guinea is bound to affect Liberia and Sierra Leone because they are the two neighbouring countries that share boundaries with Guinea.

Opposition parties have threatened to boycott the vote.

More than 30 people have died since demonstrations began in October.

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