The Gambian Champion!

Amazing poets have a way with words such that they can easily connect to their listeners regarding various issues. Over the past years, many poets in the Gambia have come up great pieces and used their talents to convey messages of hope, love and other significant enigmas in our society.

Champion Cham is one of the names that come to mind when people talk of the best poets that are gracing the Gambian poetry scene. A young man with many hats to his name.

Afrinity Production draw attention to Omar Cham who is of course known to be Champion. He is a law student at the University of the Gambia, a national youth parliamentarian, founder of champioetry and a youth empowerment officer at the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission.

He is an activist in the form of impact creator, public speaker, debater and of course a poet.

Omar do stage performances as well as producing videos on his poems with audios and also poetry book.

The reason omar champion choose poetry is the fact that poetry has been the most effective tool for him to communicate and pass important messages to inspire a generation and to motivate people. Creating impact with problem focus without causing any form of conflict.

Having started writing short stories from an early age, Champion’s invention and appreciation of literary works in the making my voice heard, is indeed known to many.

What inspired Omar is the moment he lost his father and being a young boy, all family responsibilities kind of centred on him. Being the first son of his family and at a time when he was about to start his University education. He had to get his tuition fees paid alongside helping his family. That moment motivates and inspires him and also made him to become more hardworking and focused.

Champion’s professional goal always has to do with poetry in the form of creating a vibrant poetry institution that will serve as a breeding grown for young poets, also giving them the required skills to their passion.

His second goal is to create a poetry agency that will help young poets to have opportunities that will boost them forward. “I will also love to organize the biggest if events at the grassroot level, especially in the rural areas. And for my individual level, I will love to produce as much poetry videos and audios as possible to inspire a lot of people,” he said.

Champion cannot do without his personal comfort and mental health. He believe being mentally steady is very important in life and that is why he cannot do without his mental health.

Though his journey to where he is has not been an easy take at all. Back in his final days in high school, he use to write poems and hide them. It was in one of his classes where he was told to read a piece and he decided to use one of his poems and people fall in love with it.

It was in the compilation of poems back in the days, where he compiled 200 peoms alongside other poets hat motivated him to do more and even better.

Winning the national poetry slams championship also served as a great pushed to where he is today. Getting more opportunities to perform in both national and international events, conferences and more.

By Amie T. Camara

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