African Americans Flood Sierra Leone 🇸🇱

As Sierra Leone opens its doors to the world, the interest of African Americans has grown over time to visit the destination for several reasons amongst which is Tourism investment and more relating to heritage tourism.

Today the the 20th April 2021 marks another stronger indications towards the efforts placed in tourism development by the National Tourist Board, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, the Monuments and Relics Commission with it’s key players: Tourism is Life and others has begun to yield the fruits as ever expected.

Sierraously surprising is the way to go and the time to position with ancestry programs has just begun with massive numbers from the African American communities to sought positive interest in Sierra Leone as their homes and a destination to reckoned with.

These arrivals tonight demonstrates a correct and right attitude towards investment, support national developments and follow every protocols to reach fair trade at the end of these pursuit.

Keeping you abreast as more details will follow later.

Kai B. Saquee
Marketing and Publicity
National Tourist Board


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