America is cracking up, the first presidential debate proved it

By Amie T. Camara

If you did not watch what could only be described as a “debate” between the two US presidential candidates , Afrinity Production can assure you that you made a wise decision.

The chaos that was built across television screens last night was truth to the sad spectacle that is America today.

Trump proved, once more, that he is a pitiful excuse for a president. Calmness, thoughtfulness, maturity and rationality are anathema to Trump. Every disgraceful measure of this disgraceful president was on parade for a hellish evening.

Trump shouted obscenities. He lied. He thundered. He deflected. He smirked. He, incredibly, played, again and again, the victim of a fictitious media cabal and an equally fictitious attempted coup d’état.

By comparison, Biden gamely tried to share his ideas and prescriptions for what he would do as president. Agree or disagree with those ideas and prescriptions, Biden spoke to American voters with a discernible degree of gravitas and earnestness.

Biden actually make known of what a great leader he will make and is doubt the right person for America.


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