Victims notify Barrow against politicising TRRC suggestions

The chairman of the Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations has notified President Adama Barrow and his government against politicising the TRRC suggestions.

Sheriff Kijera told The Standard that the Gambian leader will be make a vicious mistake “if he attempts to twist the TRRC recommendations to favour APRC for political gains. If they are thinking along those lines, they are warned to be mindful. We are watching.”

Kijera stated: “Victims are getting increasingly worried that there might not be that political will from the executive given that the TRRC’s mandate is coming to end at a time when the next presidential election is within touching distance. We are worried the executive might start to appease and lobby for APRC sympathisers.

“We are very concerned, especially with the recent appointments of Yahya Jammeh enablers back into the system – appointments that could be geared towards gathering sympathisers from the APRC. We are also sceptical about the outcome of the truth commission. We are sceptical about whether the TRRC recommendations will be fully implemented by the government especially the Office of the President,” he added.

He said sufferers are very content with the work of the TRRC and that the #Jammeh2Justice campaign will not stop to put pressure on government to ensure that the TRRC suggestions are fully adhered to.

“Victims are very much confident that with the launch of the J2J campaign which is an international campaign to bring Jammeh to justice, there will be no safe haven for fugitives who commit international crimes and torture,” he added.

Source___Standard Newspaper

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