France announces ‘gradual’ ban on wild animals in circuses.

By Amie T. Camara

Afrinity Production discloses the action taken by France to gradually ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses as part of sweeping new animal welfare measures.

On Tuesday, Ecology Minister of France Barbara Pompili said, “Our attitude to wild animals has changed.”

She also announced a ban on farming minks for fur and on keeping dolphins and orcas in captivity in marine parks.

The move was hailed as “an historic victory” by leading animal rights groups.
“It is time to open a new era in our relationship with these [wild] animals,” Ms Pompili said during a press conference.

“It is time that our ancestral fascination with these wild beings no longer means they end up in captivity.”

The minister did not outline a precise timetable for the changes but said they would be implemented “in the years to come”.


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