The Muslim leader has emerged as the leader of an opposition movement seeking the Malian president’s departure.

A longing campaign of dozens of protests in Mali has presented the most formidable challenge to the presidency of Ibrahim Boubacar Keita since he came to power in 2013.

The discontentment has stemmed from economic woes and perceived government corruption, as well as from the government’s drastic failure to contain a worsening security situation that has seen various armed groups jockey for power and has rendered vast swathes of the country ungovernable.

The multilayered conflict broke out in 2012 and has since killed tens of thousands of people and displaced hundreds of thousands, while an increasingly unpopular French military intervention and 15,000-strong United Nations peacekeeping force have failed to stop the violence from spilling out to neighbouring Niger and Burkina Faso.

Leading the calls is not a seasoned politician but an imam – Mahmoud Dicko.

Mali protesters wants Keita to stop down despite winning the election.


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