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Dou Sanno, Siaka Jatta call Mai useless ‘an ungrateful politician’

The president’s deputy political adviser has distinctly retaliated to comments by Mai Fatty that President Barrow should dismiss all his advisers, saying the GMC leader is “an ungrateful discontented politician who now finds it fashionable to bite the finger that fed him since he is no longer in the system”.

Mr Fatty who himself worked as a special adviser to the president, said the four advisers and two deputies in the president’s office are “mere political operatives” who do not have morals and the good ethics to serve as public office holders.

He therefore offered his hints to the president to move them to his National Peoples Party and to replace them with better people.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Sanno hit back: “I want to remind him [Fatty] that the people he is accusing of lacking morals and ethics to run public offices are the same people who rescued him from the clutches of Yahya Jammeh’s brutality and when Jammeh sent him away, it is the same people who fought tooth and nail to enable him return home from exile by putting an end to Jammeh’s misrule.”

As said by Dou Sanno, it was of great significant to remind Mai that the very people he call as lack of morals were the same individuals who supported him in his elevation to ministerial and advisory positions in the government.

He briefed that during his time as adviser to President Barrow, Mai had never raised any better initiative to help his work as presidential advisers and had in fact declared in him that The Gambia’s future was bright with people of his [Dou’s] calibre in the government.

“He never called for our removal when he was in the system. If it comes to morality, love for country and contribution to national development I have made more contribution than Mai. What matters to the majority of Gambians is progress and development and as a government we are doing our utmost to rise to the challenges of bringing development to the doorsteps of Gambians,” Dou Sanno pointed out.

He rebuked Fatty for lacking the “maturity both as a politician and an individual”.

Source___Standard Newspaper

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