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QGroup Hosts Spectacular Event Honoring Gambian Culture and Talent

QGroup, a leading business conglomerate in The Gambia, hosted a remarkable event over the weekend, combining its annual Grand Iftar, National Quranic Recitation Competition, and the inaugural National Adhan (Azaan) Competition in a splendid celebration.

The QGroup umbrella encompasses a variety of companies, including telecommunications giant Q-Cell, QuantumNet Institute of Technology (QIT), Arab Gambia Islamic Bank (AGIB), and many more. This grand occasion, held at Q-City, was a tribute to the late Imam Mass Jah and attracted religious leaders, government officials, students, and the public.

A total of 307 young Gambians participated in the National Quranic Recitation Competition, with 45 making it to the final stage. Simultaneously, the first-ever National Azaan Competition saw 173 applicants, out of which six finalists emerged.

Winners and runners-up were crowned across different categories, receiving cash prizes and recognition for their exceptional talent and dedication. Additionally, all participants were honored with certificates and monetary rewards, emphasizing the inclusive spirit of the event.

Muhammed Jah, CEO of QGroup, expressed his joy at the successful execution of this annual Islamic tradition. He credited the inception of the event to his late father’s vision and highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting Gambian religious leaders.

Acknowledging the presence of government officials, Jah praised the government’s respect for Islamic values and thanked the Supreme Islamic Council for their partnership. He emphasized QGroup’s dedication to serving the public and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Minister Amat N.K. Bah commended Jah for his unwavering support to the Muslim community, expressing admiration for his philanthropic endeavors. Sheikh Foday Darboe, president of the Supreme Islamic Council, lauded QGroup for organizing such a significant religious event and called for continued support for Jah’s noble initiatives.

In a heartfelt display of unity and reverence, attendees joined in prayers for blessings and expressed gratitude to all those involved in making the event a success. Darboe urged the community to rally behind Jah and his endeavors, recognizing his invaluable contributions to promoting Islamic values in The Gambia.

His Excellency the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio, the First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio and the Executive of the SLPP in the township of Mattru Jong Chiefdom Bonthe District.

May be an image of one or more people and crowdMay be an image of one or more people and crowdMay be an image of 4 people and lightingHis Excellency the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio, the First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio and the Executive of the SLPP in the township of Mattru Jong Chiefdom Bonthe District.

His Excellency the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio, the First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio and the Executive of the SLPP in the township of Mattru Jong Chiefdom Bonthe District.
The president in his address to them, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the people and assured them of more development programs in his second term.
Credit to: First Lady Fatima Maada Bio 

U20 WC: Scorpions run out of venom to sting, what next for its stars now?

The Young Scorpions, among the underdogs coming into the competition, cruised through the group stage following victories over Honduras and bookies’ favourite France, before capping off the group with a 0-0 draw against South Korea, but came up short against a well-organised Uruguay who secured a quarter-final place through a left-footed outside-of-the-box stunner from Anderson Duarte.

Despite the loss, and the disappointment that comes with it, coach Abdoulie Bojang and his charges must not sulk too much. By the yardstick with which Gambian football is measured, it has been a generally successful year for the U20s, with a runners-up medal in the U20 African Cup of Nations where they played one of the most thrilling attacking football in the entire tournament — to qualifying for the World Cup and topping a group including France and breaking and setting some national records on the way — these young set of players deserves praise and support.

Backed up by the recent performances of both the senior and U20 sides in the AFCON competition, Gambian football — with evidently talent galore — has been on the right track for at least two years now. In the 2021 edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, which was actually held in 2022 and hosted by Cameroon, Gambia debuted as the lowest-ranked team of the tournament as well as the lowest-ranked team to participate in the tournament, but the team defied the odds and reach the quarterfinals where they were knocked out by host Cameroon.

However, despite the huge strides the country has made in football over the past two years, there are still glaring issues holding back Gambian football, with top football talents sinking into the quicksand of this mess without even ever realising their dreams. Gambian football’s weak and inept leadership, coupled with the lack of serious investment into grassroots football to senior-level football, has been at the forefront of the country’s shortcomings and lack of success in professional football. Can this change? Yes. Will it change? Hopefully.

Back to the U20s, who have been making sports news headlines since their impressive run in the U20 AFCON earlier this year with a couple of talents garnering attention from top European clubs, what next? This squad is littered with talent, and with European scouts hovering, what does the future hold for this crop of talented players? How many of them will make the leap from the U20 to the senior side? How many of them will turn out to be a success story 5 years from now? A handful? More, or even less? TIME WILL TELL.

Credited to: FatouNetwork



Rose Hawa Marah won the first-ever Reality Tv Show “Salone Culture Alive” hosted in Makeni and went home with the Fifty Million Leones Star Prize for being the standard performer throughout the show.

A show that hosted twelve (12) contestants from different ethnicities across the country, ranging from Mende, Temne, Kuranko, Mandingo, and Limba to Loko.
Rose Hawa Marah depicted her kuranko ethnicity’s culture and traditions throughout and on the final day, was able to fine-tune Kuranko practices to “Traditional Ceremonies and Tourism attraction” that wowed the judges as she sensitively exhibited the true education of ethnicity value.
She was presented with the Star Prize of Fifty Million Leones Cheque on stage as a demonstration of the organiser’s integrity and keeping their words intact.
The only entertainment show you can be educated about true Sierra Leone culture and showcase the genuine beauty of Sierra Leone culture. This is just one of the many ahead the organisers pledged
Rose Hawa is the current face of Sierra Leone Cultural Alive.
©Salone Culture Alive Media Unit


F-PAG: Congress For Change With Essa Jallow, elected president of F-PAG for the next 3 years

Dozens of established filmmakers joined with the National Center for Arts and Culture on Saturday the 5th of November at the hotel school Congress organized by Film Producer’s Association Gambia “F-PAG” to address problems and election of new executives.

The Gambia’s Film Industry has not been evolving as it supposed to be since its inception in the 1960s with the establishment of The Gambia Film Unit in 1967. Film Producers Association of The Gambia, known as F-PAG, was created in 2014 with its primary objective to bring filmmakers together to foster collaboration and accelerate the growth and development of Film Industry in The Gambia.

While more than half of film producers in The Gambia are still striving to survive, Gambia movie industry continues to struggle and out of excitement, many film producers  aren’t yet ready to give up.

The Congress was chaired by the Public relations and communications Manager Ousman Kebbeh  who welcome everyone and make known of his support for F-PAG. Moment of silence was taken for the Fallen heroes of the organization, Isatou Jallow and Ebou Waggeh after which the floor was given to the outgoing President Zaidy Jallow.

“I am extraordinarily grateful for the unprecedented support from our industry partners and the talented and concerned members of the movie industry ,” FPAG outgoing president Zaidy Jallow said. “The value of their recognition of the unique importance of movie to our communities, culture, and their support before Congress of the unique needs of movie producers in this country cannot be underestimated. It was an honor for me to be given the position, am happy that I was able to extend what I can do  for film producers through F-PAG.”

He further emphasize on how film are great unifiers where our nation’s most talented storytellers showcase their cinematic accomplishments. To Zaidy, every aspiring filmmaker, actor, and producer dreams of bringing their art to the silver screen, is an irreplaceable experience that represents the pinnacle of filmmaking achievement in The Gambia. These was later followed by the amendment of the constitution which will guide the actions of the new Executives and F-PAG members.

There was no bipartisan support for the new constitution, which had been set for a vote on Saturday before the Democratic election that follows while talks continue. In contrast there was broad support for the amended constitution that will unlocked alot of help for film makers to get through the 3 years until another amendment or change will be made.

There can be plenty more to come. So maybe it’s too soon to panic over what’s happening and the low ratings of struggles,since new executives are elected, the industry still hopes the  leaders are right: The Gambia theater might still need more help.

Questions and answers were encouraged as well as opinions and contributions throughout the Congress. With the proliferation of streaming and other dark options, some have wondered about whether movie production as a will in The Gambia will survive. But proponents — and major contributors and their allies — also point to the profit motive of change and improvement as their main goal.

Nominations was made, and the Elected president Essay Jallow, behind a dozen microphones, he waved to the crowd and took a leap into history as he declared his bid for the Democratic nomination for presidency of the Film Producer’s Association Gambia.

Essa Jallow, the elected president of FPAG made known that, the dramatic language of the plea—“our movies cannot get to be played on TV stations without us being charge or asked to be in percentage” . He couldn’t help but recall a peculiar truth about the movie business. That is, it is usually dying of something. In fact, he made it clear that  morbidity is an old habit in The Gambia Movie industry. The trick to get Gambia movies having their ways in the TV stations to him is to know what is really an existential threat and to have that way in all the way through without any hindrances or unnecessary charges will be his first goal.

Yamou Mbaye becoming the first woman to be elected as Vice President of F-PAG said, she feel happy and grateful for the position given and will try all that she can to serve the purpose. For the first time, a woman has been elected Vice President of  FPAG, it is an history  made and blazed a trail for future generations in the industry to follow.

By Amie T. Camara

Breaking: Afrinity connect live with Adams

On the 6th of July 2020 Mr Wilfried Adams will be doing a special coverage of the Malawi presidential inauguration of His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera president of the republic of Malawi via the platform of Afrinity connect live with Adams

‘Barrow’s government behaves like Jammeh’s

Lamin DF Manneh, a Brufut native living in the UK has indicted the Barrow administration of manipulating people’s properties like former president Yahya Jammeh used to do.

“Given the ‘professional’ background of the current head of state, it is not a surprise land thievery is now on steroids. A cadre of administrators is in great haste to accumulate as much wealth as possible, in as short a period as possible. This is resulting in a feast on Kombo lands – as they embark on ever-more creative ways to future-proof their ill-gotten wealth,” Manneh said in write-up shared with The Standard.

Manneh is in the forefront on the fight to recover several hectares of land allegedly secured by Taf Africa Global without due process in Brufut community ahead of the 2006 AU Summit in Banjul.

“…[T]he current administration displays unfettered materialism, lacks amoral compass, or a sense of care, duty, and responsibility is no longer in doubt. In effect, it is a recycle of the decaying remnants of Jammeh era personalities. Except for half-hearted attempts at cosmetic change, the core has remained intact. No surprises then that there is no difference in either essence or substance between the 2ndand 3rdRepublics [sic]. Thus, like its predecessor, this administration carefully uses a mendacious and cynical cost-benefit analysis on all its dealings with Gambians. This includes which communities to enrage with negligible political cost,” he claimed.

He said the proliferation rise in “estate developers”, the
Burgeoning of “estates”, and their enablement through “crooked administrators and misguided locals”, has bring forward a convergence of necessities for an all-out spanking on custodial lands.

Source___Standard Newspaper

CSO’s ask Barrow not to change the new draft constitution

The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in The Gambia threw their recommendations behind the country’s new draft constitution, saying it expresses the will of the Gambian people.

In a joint declaration, they called on President Adama Barrow to bring forward the draft constitution to lawmakers “unchanged”

“It is incumbent on the current government to take all urgent steps necessary to ensure that the draft Constitution is submitted unaltered to the National Assembly to respect the aspirations of the people,” said the activists in a statement read by John Charles Njie, the chairman of Tango, on behalf of civil society organisations in the country.

‘The Draft Constitution, which was submitted to President Adama Barrow on March 30 and made public a day later, is due to be published in the Gazette on May 30 and put before lawmakers in August before it is subject to a referendum.’

Its popular vote requires the support of 75% turnout of 50% of Gambian voters.

“Whilst not all opinions expressed in the consultative process have been incorporated in the final draft, the civil society believes that the CRC has managed to produce a draft constitution based on the views expressed by the majority of Gambians,” said Njie, chairman of Tango.

“The CRC also accommodated minority views in the interest of serving all citizens. The final draft constitution has appropriately taken on board very progressive provisions from different African Constitutions and has now obtained both local and international acclaim.”

Since the draft constitution was put forward, rumours were widespread that the Gambian leader, Adama Barrow does not support it.

Among the things Barrow is said to be against is that the draft counts his current term as part of the two terms he is permitted to serve as president.

His cabinet is also against the “too much powers” the draft has given the National Assembly and that they are also asking for it not to be mandatory for the president to be in parliament.

Source___The Point

Political Parties Declines Eu’s Call For Gay Rights in The Gambia

A current declaration by the European Union proposing its dedication to protect gay rights in The Gambia has instigated controversy and even critism from Gambians, among them are the political leaders.

The EU has been worried about the prohibition of same-sex marriage in The Gambia.

But last year, the Gambia government affirmedly stated in its submission to the 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council Working Group that it has no plans to allow same-sex marriage.

Reacting to the recent EU comments, the Gambia Moral Congress leader, Mai Ahmad Fatty said: “I am aware that respect for fundamental rights constitutes an essential element for EU-Gambia relations. However, our relationship with the EU is first and foremost a partnership. I believe this is an enduring equal partnership founded on respect for each other’s values, not the contrary. It means a mutual relationship in which The Gambia respects European values and Europe also respects Gambian values”. He added

The United Democratic Party spokesperson, Almamy Fanding Taal, said the mindset that cultural values and rights of the people are something that they need to import from the West is a total ignorance.

“I think the EU is just trying to spread values that are completely alien to Gambian ways of doing things. If you look at our criminal code, it was enacted by a colonial parliament in 1933 and it is in that Act that they made homosexuality or what they call ‘sex against the order of nature’, an offense. Of course, our criminal justice system is based on jurisprudence of the United Kingdom who were a colonial master to many countries in Asia and Africa. He explained.

Other parties also refuses to accept Gay marriage in the Gambia, as it is against their culture and insult to their way of life.

Source___Standard Newspaper

Rice farmers impulse gov’t to rescue Jahally-Pacharr

Rice growers at the Jahally-Pacharr rice fields, the famous cultivating centre for rice in The Gambia have make known their sadness over the new government’s absence of interest in addressing the difficulty of Gambian farmers.

‘Jahally-Pacharr is an agricultural rice cultivation project designed for communities in the Central River Region south famous for its tons of output in rice production during the days of the PPP government. Its production sharply dropped under former President Yahya Jammeh who took ownership of the rice fields and brought it to its knees.
But the farmers who said they thought the new government would take the farm seriously felt disappointed becoming unrealistic.’

Ansumana Fatty, aone of the farmers who walked into The Standard offices on Tuesday urges the government to, as a matter of urgency, ‘help them with running water and tractors.’

“We are calling on the government to help us as Gambia cannot continue to live in dreams forever. Enough is enough,” he added.

Fatty said farmers at the Jahal pacharr rice field will execute an enormous campaign against Barrow in the 2021 presidential election if his government fails to address their urgent needs.

“As I speak to you, we don’t even have water to cultivate our rice. We also badly need tractors because we spend D1000 to plough each hectare which is very expensive,” he added.

He said since ex_president Jammeh left office their problems have even triple.

“We are confident that Jahally-Pacharr alone can feed the entire country if the needed capacity is there, but unfortunately this government has done nothing towards addressing the constraints of farmers. We don’t even have water to cultivate our crops talk less of farming materials.”

He said had the government concentrated on one of the country’s largest rice field, “Gambia will soon stop importing rice”.

“We have also written to the Office of the President last February for the Gambian leader to swiftly come to our aid but to avail,” he said.

Source___Standard Newspaper

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