Gambia Rejects Gay Rights

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Political Parties Declines Eu’s Call For Gay Rights in The Gambia

A current declaration by the European Union proposing its dedication to protect gay rights in The Gambia has instigated controversy and even critism from Gambians, among them are the political leaders.

The EU has been worried about the prohibition of same-sex marriage in The Gambia.

But last year, the Gambia government affirmedly stated in its submission to the 34th session of the UN Human Rights Council Working Group that it has no plans to allow same-sex marriage.

Reacting to the recent EU comments, the Gambia Moral Congress leader, Mai Ahmad Fatty said: “I am aware that respect for fundamental rights constitutes an essential element for EU-Gambia relations. However, our relationship with the EU is first and foremost a partnership. I believe this is an enduring equal partnership founded on respect for each other’s values, not the contrary. It means a mutual relationship in which The Gambia respects European values and Europe also respects Gambian values”. He added

The United Democratic Party spokesperson, Almamy Fanding Taal, said the mindset that cultural values and rights of the people are something that they need to import from the West is a total ignorance.

“I think the EU is just trying to spread values that are completely alien to Gambian ways of doing things. If you look at our criminal code, it was enacted by a colonial parliament in 1933 and it is in that Act that they made homosexuality or what they call ‘sex against the order of nature’, an offense. Of course, our criminal justice system is based on jurisprudence of the United Kingdom who were a colonial master to many countries in Asia and Africa. He explained.

Other parties also refuses to accept Gay marriage in the Gambia, as it is against their culture and insult to their way of life.

Source___Standard Newspaper

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