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‘Barrow’s government behaves like Jammeh’s

Lamin DF Manneh, a Brufut native living in the UK has indicted the Barrow administration of manipulating people’s properties like former president Yahya Jammeh used to do.

“Given the ‘professional’ background of the current head of state, it is not a surprise land thievery is now on steroids. A cadre of administrators is in great haste to accumulate as much wealth as possible, in as short a period as possible. This is resulting in a feast on Kombo lands – as they embark on ever-more creative ways to future-proof their ill-gotten wealth,” Manneh said in write-up shared with The Standard.

Manneh is in the forefront on the fight to recover several hectares of land allegedly secured by Taf Africa Global without due process in Brufut community ahead of the 2006 AU Summit in Banjul.

“…[T]he current administration displays unfettered materialism, lacks amoral compass, or a sense of care, duty, and responsibility is no longer in doubt. In effect, it is a recycle of the decaying remnants of Jammeh era personalities. Except for half-hearted attempts at cosmetic change, the core has remained intact. No surprises then that there is no difference in either essence or substance between the 2ndand 3rdRepublics [sic]. Thus, like its predecessor, this administration carefully uses a mendacious and cynical cost-benefit analysis on all its dealings with Gambians. This includes which communities to enrage with negligible political cost,” he claimed.

He said the proliferation rise in “estate developers”, the
Burgeoning of “estates”, and their enablement through “crooked administrators and misguided locals”, has bring forward a convergence of necessities for an all-out spanking on custodial lands.

Source___Standard Newspaper

Barrow chooses new Judicial Secretary

President Adama Barrow has co-opt Mrs Aisatou Jallow-Sey as the new Judicial Secretary effective 1st June, backing the upgrading of the former occupant, Justice Landing M Sanneh, as a Judge of the High Court.

*Mrs Jallow-Sey obtained her LLB (Hon) degree from the International Islamic University of Malaysia in 1993 and the Master of Laws (LL.M) from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 2003. She has 27 years’ experience as a legal practitioner in private practice, the state law office, international organisations, the private financial and Public sectors as well in civil society.*

Meanwhile, the Chief Justice has instructed that public court happenings to restart since last Monday, backing their adjournment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Justice Jallow instructed that consideration be given to criminal cases especially of persons in prison and whereas the courts have no criminal cases, the focus should move on to civil work.

He also instructed that not more than three cases were to be put forward daily and that minimum number of people should be allowed into each proceeding.

‘In a separate development, the Chief Justice has designated the refurbished Mile 7 Bakau premises of the Judiciary as a High Court and assigned newly appointed Judge Justice Zainabou Nguie Mboob, to preside over the cases in that court.’

Source___Standard Newspaper

‘Barrow Must Not Drag Feet On Constitution’

An establishing member of the opposition Citizens’ Alliance has urged civil society organisations and politicians to put coercion on President Adama Barrow to speed up the draft constitution to the National Assembly.

Dr Ismaila Ceesay, a political science lecturer at the University of The Gambia said the president cannot joke with the draft constitution as aversed to the 1997 draft constitution.

Dr Ceesay’s comment is the most recent among many Gambians who said they have a suspicion President Barrow may use the Covid-19 pandemic to hold up passing the draft to the assembly and then later to a public vote.

Many others suggest that the President may not be happy with the arrangement which states that the term of the coming into force of the constitution should count as the first term of the current president under the two term-limit provision.

“So, this means that the current president can only serve for a maximum of ten years. He can’t serve more than ten years. In other countries this clause has been left open leading to much controversy. We made a lot of research in this very carefully and listened to what the people have said to us and we have consulted our experts on this subject and there was unanimity at the research and the consultation stage that this is something we needed to address,” Justice Cherno Jallow, the chairman of the Constitutional Review Commission had said when the draft was ready sometime back.

However, speaking to The Standard yesterday, Dr Ceesay further commented: “This draft was sent to the public at the same time it was to the president. So we know what is in the Constitution. The concerns that they might come up with tactics to delay the process might be well founded but one thing we expect the Barrow government to do as soon as possible is to take the necessary actions needed to expedite this to the National Assembly and also come up with a comprehensive timetable from here to 2021.”

Source___Standard News

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