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China-Gambia in firm stance against coronavirus

The Chinese ambassador to The Gambia, His Excellency Ma Jianchun on 12 February 2020 met with Dr. Ahmadou Lamin Samateh, the minister of Health for the third time amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19).

The Chinese diplomat and Gambian Health minister exchanged views on further strengthening communication and cooperation in preventing the outbreak in The Gambia.

Ambassador Ma briefed Dr. Samateh on his meeting with H.E. President Adama Barrow on Monday, 10 February, during which they discussed at length the joint efforts in preventing the COVID-19 in The Gambia. He also updated Dr. Samateh on new measures taken and progress made by the Chinese government in curbing the outbreak and treating infected patients. As of today, more than 160 medical teams and over 19,800 medical staff nationwide, including 14,000 nurses and many military medical personnel, have been dispatched to Hubei province, the epicenter of the pneumonia outbreak. Now in China, daily number of newly confirmed infection cases in regions outside Hubei province has been decreasing, and the number of infected persons traveling from China to other countries has been brought down to near zero. Ambassador Ma expressed appreciation to the Gambian government for its consistent solidarity with China in the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak. From what has been achieved so far, the Ambassador showed more confidence that China will soon win the battle.

Hon. Dr. Samateh once again expressed to Ambassador Ma the sympathy and solidarity from the Gambian side. He commended China for efficiently implementing effective control measures at home and conducting active cooperation with the international society since the very beginning of the outbreak. Hon. Dr. Samateh talked about the Gambia government’s new efforts in keeping the country free from the COVID-19 outbreak along with The Gambia’s development partners especially in terms of strengthening entry surveillance, capacity building and community sensitisation, etc. He expressed confidence that further communication and cooperation between his ministry and the Chinese Embassy will result in better prospects in effectively preventing the outbreak in The Gambia.

Ambassador Ma spoke highly of the efforts by the Gambian side in preventing the outbreak, expressed the willingness of the Chinese Embassy to stand together with the Gambian Ministry of Health in the battle against the novel coronavirus pneumonia. He further added that a new batch of medical supplies donated by the Chinese government, aiming at helping strengthening The Gambia’s public health system, has arrived at Banjul Port.


NIGERIANS IN DIASPORA AWARDS – THE GAMBIA at the Ocean Bay Resort in Cape Point, on Saturday 23rd of November 2019 at 8pm. A memorable night celebrating the brotherhood between The Gambia and Nigeria. This event will have in attendance top Nigerian professionals who have contributed immensely to the legal, education, medical, commerce, diplomatic and military fields among many others in the Republic of The Gambia. Nigerians have rendered their support to this nation through the Federal Government Technical Aid Programme as well as through other formal and informal bodies.

Gambia hosts West Africa leaders forum on population, development

The National Youth Council in collaboration with its partners, Wednesday hosted a two-day West Africa youth leaders forum on population and development.

Held on theme: ‘ICPD25, the contributions of west African youth to accelerating the promise’, the forum is said to be the first West Africa youth leaders forum on population and development and seeks to engage youth on the implementation of their role to the Nairobi summit.

Deputising for the Director General of West African Health Organization (WAHO), Mr. Mongbo Medessi Yves Armand, public officer for maternal and child health at WAHO, said issues concerning young people should be given main concern in all development policies.

He said an estimated 60% of the population of the region is young people less than 35 years. This, he said, clearly suggests that young people are the future of the nation.

He indicated that much progress has been made since the 1994 international conference for population development (ICPD).

‘But the road to achieving universal access to sexual and quality reproductive health services for young people remains long.’

He noted that the West African Health Organization as part of its mandate advocates for governments and development partners to increase investment on youth education and health.

To also encourage partnership and networking amongst young people within the ECOWAS Region, it is important to strategically position young people in other to attain the agenda for the upcoming Nairobi summit” he added.

Hassan Jallow, the representative of the Minister of Youths and Sports said the government of The Gambia under the leadership of H.E President Adama Barrow has recognized young people as a significant factor in national development.

‘The Gambia has always been at the forefront in championing and promoting youth development at all levels.’

He noted that the National Youth Council is a public agency established in year 2000 by an Act of Parliament, saying council seeks to mobilize and enhance the participation of young people in national development efforts.

Russia-Africa Summit: President Barrow lays out Gambia investment potentials

President Adama Barrow on Thursday addressed the first plenary session of the Russia-Africa Summit and laid out a detailed presentation of the investment opportunities that exist in The Gambia.

“In The Gambia, we have investment opportunities that bode well for this forum. Our National Development Plan, has, among its strategic priorities, modernising our agriculture and fisheries sectors for sustained economic growth, food and nutritional security, and poverty reduction”. President Barrow said in a statement delivered at the summit underway in Sochi, Russia.

The Summit, convened for the first time, provides an opportunity for more than 60 African leaders in politics, business, and development and their Russian counterparts to engage each other with the hope of expanding the political and trade ties between the parties. Top managers of almost 2,000 Russian and foreign companies are taking part in this high-level meeting.

Among other development and investment priorities, the president invited Russian and foreign investors to take advantage of the country’s year-round sunlight to explore and invest in renewable energy. He also highlighted the opportunities that exist in the country’s maritime sector, stressing that the Banjul Seaport is a gateway to the West African market.

“…investment opportunities in river transport exist along our navigable river. The Banjul port is the hub of West Africa with access to over three hundred million people, and just six hours away from Europe, by flight,” he said outlining similar opportunities that exist in education, tourism, among others.

While thanking the Government and People of the Russian Federation for providing scholarships and training opportunities to generations of Gambians, President Barrow expressed commitment to deepen cooperation and pave new grounds for a more robust bilateral partnership.


“We might not live up to the expectations of the electorate,” says Banjul Mayoress

The Mayoress of Banjul City Council (BCC) has told the National Assembly Select Committee on Local Government and Lands yesterday that the council might not live to the expectations of the electorate.

She referred to a number of factors that she said, is hindering their efforts and aspirations.
“This hinders our efforts and aspirations to deliver the needed services to the populace and with the trend we might not leave up to the expectations of the electorate,” she lamented.
The interface brought together legislators and the council authorities led by the Mayoress of Banjul, to know the level of project implementation by the council, the challenges confronting them and charting the way forward.

It took the form of a question and answer session, during which members made queries on administrative matters, asking whether the council has project planning and policies, about the involvement of stakeholders in its planning processes, procurement and tendering procedures.

Officials of the council told lawmakers that the council has the aforesaid policies, as they go towards making life favourable to the residents; that the tendering process is mostly restrictive, targeting bidders in the country and that the council involves stakeholders in all its planning processes as important partners in development.

Mayoress Rohey Lowe, informed the committee that the council is faced with challenges, which include inadequate subvention from the government as stipulated in the Local Government Act, travelling clearance from the Lands Ministry, inaccessibility to the project document for ‘Banjul project’, the indebtedness of the council inherited from their predecessor amounting to over 16 million dalasi on gratuities and pensions and lack of procurement officer.

These are the factors the Mayoress said, are hindering their efforts and aspirations to deliver the needed services to the populace.

The council was asked whether they have a proper record keeping mechanism. In response, she highlighted the establishment of a records office, to keep accurate records of all staff.

She referred to the construction of a procurement office to be occupied by a procurement officer, the building of toilets for market vendors in Banjul, the on-going construction of the youth centre, employment and training of 45 security officers, which she said contributes to addressing youth unemployment, as some of the achievements registered by the council.
“Today the Banjul City Council owes no bank a butut. I have secured funding from the European Union in the tune of 3.1 million euros and am going to launch my Banjul Project that the community will feel ownership of”, she told the committee.

She added, “Currently, five of my Councilors are undergoing three months training in China and we also manage to send 40 trainers drawn from all the regions on training, as well as the construction of an abattoir and the documentation of a master plan for the Council”
Musa Amul Nyassi, the Chairperson of the Committee, said the engagement is a follow up to the previous efforts made to know the level of implementation of the activities of BCC, successes attained and challenges confronting them and chart the way forward, with the objective of ensuring service delivery to the people.

Several people injured in road accident

Around 17:00hrs on Tuesday 22 October 2019, many people including students and one government official were seriously injured in a road accident in Banjul.

The accident involves a commercial Van and a government vehicle, which occurred around the Christian cemetery opposite the National Assembly complex.

Visiting the scene eyewitnesses said that the Van was coming from the Kanifing Municipality heading towards Banjul and the tyre burst resulting to the vehicle swerving to the other lane. The van somersaulted hitting the government vehicle coming from Banjul.

Both vehicles were seriously damaged, and people are seen gathering at the scene including several of police officers and students from various schools. The victims were quickly rushed to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital where they are all admitted and receiving treatment. No causality was confirmed.

One Musa Sinyan a protocol officer who was said to be driving the government vehicle, was seriously injured. The young van driver also sustained injury and was escorted by a police officer to the hospital to receive treatment.

Family members of the victims were seen around the hospital vicinity struggling through tight hospital security to see their loved ones. Nurses and doctors could be seen attending to victims and orderlies were seen moving seriously injured patients from one ward to another.

Efforts were made to reach the police Spokesperson through his mobile phone but this did not materialise.

Reports of fatal road accidents are frequent these days, claiming the lives of many and leaving others with serious injuries.

Many Gambians believe that the issues of accidents are on the rise and that serious steps should be taken to avert such occurrence.

GFA Party Led By BB Dabo Elect Officials

The newest party in the country dubbed Gambia for All (GFA) party which is founded by Bakary Bunja Dabo, has recently elected its officials at a local hotel in Kololi.
No official announcement has been made by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of the Party’s registration yet.
In a press statement issued to Foroyaa by its leaders, it is said the party held its constitutive congress from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October, 2019 with three main objectives.
The objectives were to review and approve the draft constitution of the party; elect party officials; and establish guidelines in the form of resolutions on certain thematic areas of particular interest to the party.
These include development of genuine participatory democracy; women’s empowerment for sustainable nation building; youth participation in the national political process; and conquering the political space (at home and in the diaspora) – and challenges on GFA’s path to participatory democracy.
The statement said forty nine (49) delegations out of fifty three (53) constituencies graced the occasion, plus representatives from the Diaspora.
Overall, the statement added that, the congress was conducted in an atmosphere of peace characterized by seriousness and commitment.
Four officials have been elected and they are as follows: Party Leader and Secretary General is Bakary Bunja Dabo; Party National Chairman is Salieu Taal; Party National Treasurer is Ndambou Touray; and Party Chief Mobilizer is Fabakary Sidi Fadera.
The Party leader, Mr. Dabo, commonly referred to as BB Darboe, was Minister of Education for three years and vice president for ten years to late President Dawda Jawara and briefly worked for the AFPRC government as Minister of Finance.
He was a member of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) before losing the election to the post secretary general to Papa Njie earlier this year during the Party’s Congress. He later broke away from the Party and now established GFA Party.

Lady Gaga plummets off stage in a fan’s arms during Vegas show

Lady Gaga fell head over heels off into the audience during the latest date of her Las Vegas residency.

The star had invited a fan called Jack to join her on stage and jumped into his arms – but he lost his footing and the pair plummeted to the floor.

“We legitimately thought she was dead,” wrote one audience member on Reddit.

Instead, Gaga returned to play Million Reasons with Jack at her side. “It’s amazing,” she said. “We love each other so much we fell off the damn stage.”

“We fell into each other’s arms. We’re like Jack and Rose from Titanic.

“I suppose we should have some tea after that.”

Fans were concerned for Gaga’s wellbeing as she lives with fibromyalgia, a rheumatic condition like arthritis that can impair the joints, and cause chronic pain.

In 2013, she had to cancel her Born This Way tour after fracturing her hip.
But the singer shrugged off Thursday night’s fall, calming the audience as security guards helped her to her feet.

“Everything’s OK,” she said. “The only thing that’s not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up.”

The star also consoled Jack, who was in tears after the accident.

“Don’t worry, everything’s fine. It’s not your fault,” she said, adding: “Could you promise me something? Could you forgive yourself right now for what just happened?”

“She brought him up on stage and asked everyone on the internet to be nice to him,” observed Reddit user UltimaterializerX.

“Poor guy was crying most of the time until she cheered him up.”

Later in the show, Gaga proved the fall had caused no permanent damage by performing an intricate, athletic routine to her signature song, Bad Romance.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and sitting

Three Years Jotna expresses disagreement with Coalition stakeholders

The 3 years Jotna operation’s members express their disagreement with the coalition stakeholders’s decision to let President Adama Barrow go for 5 years when his campaign promise was 3 years. This declaration was made at a press conference held at Semega Janneh Hall on Monday.
We are totally against the decision championed by Fatoumata Jallow-Tambanjang to extend the coalition’s agreed term from 3 to 5 years, Said Hagie Suwaneh, vice chairperson of the operation at the press briefing.
He continued; “Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang individually tasked some members of the Barrow supported camp to join her on the issue of five years.
Mr. Suwaneh said it also came to their attention that some local parties have never supported the president’s five years mandate. “We will never recognize the announcement made by Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang and her co.”
He added that “Operation 3 Years Jotna” is calling on the coalition stakeholders to go back to the people for proper consultation and find a solution to this problem rather than allowing an individual to deliberately dictate citizens.
“We are calling on Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang to withdraw her statement given on 27th day of September, 2019.”
“We believe that the elected members should honor the promises they made to the people during the champagne periods,” he said, adding that comments made by commander of The Gambia Armed Forces’ Mamat Cham should not be greeted in a democratic country like ours; and that it be should condemned.
He stated that the role of The Gambia Armed Forces is to protect the external aggression against The Gambia but not to interfere in the country’s democratic process.
QUESTION: What do Gambians think about the 3 years jotna?
live your answers in the comment box.


His Excellency, President Adama Barrow spent part of his weekend visiting Gambian owned agribusiness farms in the Kombo South to show support and encourage more Gambians to engage in Agriculture as a business venture.

At the G-Farms Complex in Gunjur Sambuya, the President was told that it is one of the biggest mix farming agribusinesses in The Gambia dealing in poultry and animal husbandry.

The farm has a production capacity of 36, 700 layers that produce 2000 crates of eggs per day, over 10, 000 chicken broilers for meat, and more than 120 heads of goats and sheep.

The founder of the business, 26-year old Muhammed Sanyang, who took the President on a conducted tour of the facilities, explained that he started the business when he was going to school, with just five chickens. Today, he employs more than seventy (70) young Gambians operating one of the most successful businesses in the country.

The President also visited Amie’s Ranch in Tujereng, which is another Gambian-owned agribusiness. The farm owner Jerreh Sonko told the President that they specialise in milk production and crossbreeding of cattle, the Montbeliard and Holstein breeds. He also said that the farm rears deers, goats and sheep.

At present, the milk production capacity of the farm is 300 liters, which they are planning to double in the future.

President Barrow was quite pleased with what he saw in these farms and pledged his government’s support and assistance to develop the sector. The owners of both farms were visibly happy about the President’s interest in their businesses.

In line with the priorities of the National Development Plan, The Gambia government, through the Ministry of Agriculture encourage young Gambians to engage in entrepreneurship in order to become self reliant, create jobs, and ensure food security.

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