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Edward denies any involvement in Koro Ceesay’s murder

Edward Singhatey has debunked testimonies of earlier TRRC witnesses, who alleged that he had participated in the killing of one-time finance minister Ousman Koro Ceesay on 29th June, 1995.

“The last time I saw Koro alive was when I went to see former President Yahya Jammeh at the airport during his departure,” Mr Singhatey, who was the then vice chairman of the military junta that toppled Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara in July 1994 told the truth-seeking Commission on Monday.

He said he was informed by Alhagie Mustapha Wada the following morning that the finance minister Koro Ceesay had died.  He said he attended Koro’s burial but there were suspicions that he was killed by soldiers.”

According to him, after the burial, an investigation was conducted and handed over to Jammeh. He said Koro was involved in a money business from Libya that was sent through the Gambia government to be given to the rebels in Cassamance.

“I got to know about this when I was with Jammeh and Samba Bah the former NIA director. Jammeh was complaining about the border closure. He said we have some good news because Libya had sent money to the rebels in Casamance and Koro was always in support of Jammeh and he suggested means of transferring the money.”

He also said it was later that he came to learn that the NIA also conducted an independent investigation about the incident. “The money was given to Koro to give to the rebels because the former NIA head feels it necessary for Koro to go.”

The Commission’s lead Counsel Essa Faal read a statement of one of the witnesses who alleged that he –Singhatey- was in fact, part of those who assassinated Koro, but he denied the allegation.

In another statement read by lead counsel Faal, Singhatey was accused of being jealous of Koro because he was so close to Jammeh, which resulted to his assassination by him –Singhatey- something he strongly denied.

Koro Ceesay’s sister, Ya Bajan Cessay had earlier testified before the Commission and said that her mother told her that Koro had an argument with Singhatey and he threatened to kill him, but Singhatey denied that allegation as well.

Lead Counsel Faal said Lamin S Marong, Singhatey’s one-time orderly said that he – Singhatey- had asked them to pass by Yankuba Touray’s compound on the day of Koro’s assassination but later asked them to go home because he needed no orderly. Singhatey  maintained that he was not dropped at Touray’s compound.

In another statement by witness Lamin Fatty, also one of his former orderlies, stated that on the day Koro was assassinated, they dropped Singateh at Touray’s house but he –Singateh- said Fatty made a mistake in his statement.

Counsel Faal said Yankuba Touray’s drivers, Jah Ndum Ceesay, Essa Mendy and Lamin Ndure had all said that they saw Singhatey at Touray’s house at night. He added that the evidence also indicated that Singhatey spoke to Jammeh at the foot of the aircraft before his departure.

Faal also said that evidence suggest that on the day of Koro’s assassination Yankuba Touray’s family was transferred to Singhatey’s house, while the guards were told to go for patrol because the country was under attack. Singhatey denied that he was not aware and denied all suggested evidences.

In the statement of Alhagie Kanji, which was televised for Singateh, Kanji said that Singateh briefed them that they were going to get rid of one fucking cont, adding that he did the assassination with Peter Singhatey, Pa Alieu Gomez, Tumbul Tamba, BK Jatta and Yankuba Touray.

Kanji narrated that after their debriefing at Singhatey’s house at Cap Point, they proceeded to Cpt. Yankuba Touray’s residence around Senegambia at around 8 pm.

“Upon arrival, Edward asked us to stay because they have an activity at the airport and what they briefed us was that they will be coming with one minister. That night, none of Yankuba Touray’s guards were around neither his family members. We were waiting there and after sometime, Peter came in and said they are coming. I saw Edward and Yankuba with a civilian who he said was a minister. Edward led and I followed and there was an attack from the back. Edward hit and asked me and Peter to hit and later called others to hit till the man died. The remains were taken by Edward Singhatey, Peter Singhatey and Yankuba Touray,” Kanji said.

Singhatey however denied the allegation by Kanji, calling it totally false. He said he never work with Kanji.

Counsel Faal put it on him that he had denied 50 allegations that he was adversely mentioned in.

Gambia’s Barrow up against Manchester City Today

Musa Barrow could line up for Atalanta when they face Manchester City today.

One-time the hottest youngster in the European game, the Gambian striker has found himself down the pecking order with limited minutes coming his way even in the Italian Serie A.

However, he remains included in the Atalanta roster and possibly in contention for minutes either from the line up or as a last-gasp new entrant.

Atalanta are yet to pick a win in the Uefa Champions League, losing two of their last games against Ukraine’s Shaktar Donetsk and Croatia Premier League giants Dinamo Zagreb – a string of poor results for a side that wrapped up last season as the Italian Serie A’s best fourth outfit.

Realistically, not much resistance is expected from Barrow and co when they face English Premier League champions Guardiola’s Manchester City today at the Etihad Stadium at 7pm.

Musa is the sole Gambian in the European competition this term with the last being Momodou Ceesay in 2010 who spurred Slovakian minnows MSK Zilina to the tourney.

Several people injured in road accident

Around 17:00hrs on Tuesday 22 October 2019, many people including students and one government official were seriously injured in a road accident in Banjul.

The accident involves a commercial Van and a government vehicle, which occurred around the Christian cemetery opposite the National Assembly complex.

Visiting the scene eyewitnesses said that the Van was coming from the Kanifing Municipality heading towards Banjul and the tyre burst resulting to the vehicle swerving to the other lane. The van somersaulted hitting the government vehicle coming from Banjul.

Both vehicles were seriously damaged, and people are seen gathering at the scene including several of police officers and students from various schools. The victims were quickly rushed to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital where they are all admitted and receiving treatment. No causality was confirmed.

One Musa Sinyan a protocol officer who was said to be driving the government vehicle, was seriously injured. The young van driver also sustained injury and was escorted by a police officer to the hospital to receive treatment.

Family members of the victims were seen around the hospital vicinity struggling through tight hospital security to see their loved ones. Nurses and doctors could be seen attending to victims and orderlies were seen moving seriously injured patients from one ward to another.

Efforts were made to reach the police Spokesperson through his mobile phone but this did not materialise.

Reports of fatal road accidents are frequent these days, claiming the lives of many and leaving others with serious injuries.

Many Gambians believe that the issues of accidents are on the rise and that serious steps should be taken to avert such occurrence.

Fishmongers and fishermen cry over shortage of fish and low catch in tanji

Fishmongers at Tanji Fish Landing Site in Kombo South District have denounce the current scarcity of fish at the landing site due to what they alleged as a low catch experienced by the fishing vessels.
Fishmongers state that the scarcity of fish at the site has been existing for weeks now and this has had a great influence on the price of fish. this has upped the price.
one of the vendors describe the situation as difficult.
Mariama a fishmonger for 10 years says that before one could get a basket of “kobo, Challow and Morok” for D500, D800, but now has increased to D1500, D1600, to D1700. She added that “Sunpart, lady fish etc are no go areas for low income people like her. Ahalf basket could be sold from D200 to D4000.
Abubacarr Touray a fisherman said, “The only problem that may cause fish shortage could be mainly due to high number of fishing vessels that are fishing daily in our waters and causing noise. What these fishes dislike is the continuous noise of machines of the vessels. So I think it is important that government regulates the number of vessels in our waters in order to save our fish stock,” he suggested.
Mam Jabang, a Fisheries official stationed at Tanjai Fish Landing Site said most of the fishing vessels fishing in our waters are non-Gambian vessels.
She said it’s hard to control and know the number of vessels fishing in our waters.

GCCI President meets with VP of Istanbul Chamber

GCCI President Edrisa Mass Jobe met with the VP of Istanbul Chamber Israfil kuralai and Gambia Council Mr KaraKas obtained technical support and training for GCCI staff to better support business. Also discussed on the scholarship that the Istanbul Chamber is already extending to The Gambia through GCCI.

The Gambia observe the Eid on Sunday 11th August 2019

Few days before the Eid and few days after the Eid always difficult for for Gambians. especially those without a car. Many Taxi and Van drivers travel to the rural area or out of the country to celebrate with relatives and family members. therefore causing scarcity of vehicles.

The public who stay around the serekunda are left stranded until the return of the drivers. The drivers who are around take this opportunity to earn more than usual. the transport is increased from D8 to D10 or D15. For people traveling to Tanjai, Brikama Banjul etc pay D25, D25, D50 respectively.

“Town trip” becomes even more expensive. in the day one can spend D200 for public transport to and fro. Garages are normally close to empty and the town very quiet.

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